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Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Michael Joseph


Michael Joseph’s respect and affinity for the entrepreneurial spirit is a family trait, stemming from back when his father built a textile business from the ground up, beginning by stitching together fabric scraps found on the street and evolving into a worldwide business and major presence in Montreal. Michael felt it bloom within him when he managed one of his father’s divisions, and while his education took him to England to study law, and his career saw him working for a Big Four accounting firm, his desire to cultivate that entrepreneurial side always stayed with him.


Today, Michael helps other entrepreneurs, family offices, and owner-managed businesses as an M&A tax partner with RSM Canada, where he combines his 17 years of public accounting experience and his own entrepreneurial spirit to help people just like his dad. RSM is a public accounting firm with 860 offices in 123 countries, serving middle-market clients around the world. Since joining in 2019, Michael has provided Canadian tax advisory services to a range of clients in diverse industries who are engaged in complex cross-border transactions. He also manages a growing team of tax professionals across Canada.


Because he’s been on both sides of the client-advisor relationship, Michael can approach each client situation with understanding and empathy. “I’ve been in their shoes, so I know the opportunities and challenges,” he says. “I remember the fears, sensitivities, and expectations that come with engaging a professional advisor, so I can offer practical advice that resonates with people in a position I used to be in myself.” This real-world expertise allows Michael to build trust with clients and determine the products and services they really need, as well as what they don’t, ensuring that every one of them gets a personalized plan tailored towards their goals. And as a result, Michael gets to work with these companies for years, helping them grow and flourish. Being a part of that growth, from a spark of an idea to a developed establishment, is what drives Michael every day. “I’m often involved at inception, during various growth phases and through an ultimate exit. Generally, I try to get myself and other RSM service providers involved as needed at every stage of the transaction life cycle.”


Michael Joseph

M&A Tax Partner — RSM Canada Consulting LP



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