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Michael Kettner

Earning a CFA charter and an MBA from Vanderbilt University after years at the New York Stock Exchange and financial giants like Merrill Lynch, JP Morgan, and Citibank, Michael Kettner’s background and experience is inarguably impressive. Today, he’s taking his expertise and applying it on behalf of clients of Coastline Wealth Management in Port Jefferson, New York. This independent financial planning and wealth management firm employs people with numerous specializations and when a client needs help with managing their investments, they come to Michael. He and his team create portfolios and develop strategies tailored to the unique needs of each client. Since joining Coastline in 2014, Michael has seen the company grow from $60 million under management to over $1 billion, with Michael responsible for managing more than $400 million in discretionary accounts. Thanks to people like Michael, Coastline enjoys a growing number of new relationships and fantastic client retention.


Michael’s educational background puts him at a distinct advantage in his field. His mantra, “always be learning,” means he not only knows the ins and outs of investments but can explain it all to clients in an accessible, approachable way. “It’s institutional experience and knowledge in a place where people don’t normally have access to that,” he says. Financial literacy can be a steep hurdle for some and to have someone like Michael, who can break it down, is incredibly helpful for those looking to manage and build their wealth for their families. In addition, his experience with the NYSE helps him understand buying and selling of stocks that clients can use to their advantage, too, and he stays up to date on the latest in finances by constantly reading investment news and periodicals. “My greatest source of excitement in life is to be informed enough to truly appreciate what happens next,” he says.

Before coming to Coastline, Michael was a Hofstra University graduate working on Wall Street, trading equities with Merrill Lynch. As the business world began to drastically change, he went back to school to earn an MBA at Vanderbilt University. This more formal business education allowed him to rejoin Merrill Lynch doing high-level institutional projects before transitioning into private banking with JPMorgan, where he worked with ultra-high-net-worth clients. His quest to find a firm that shared his priority to provide unconflicted and inexpensive advice and service took him first back to Merrill Lynch, then to Citibank, and, finally, to Coastline. Working with a collection of institutions in a variety of roles gave him just the experience he needed to provide expert independent advice in his current role. Combining the wisdom of history with an open mind is essential to success in the sometimes complex and risky investment world.

Favorite quote:  “I propose to sail ahead. For to reach a port, we must sail—sail, not tie at anchor—sail, not drift.” FDR


Michael Kettner

Director of Investments — Coastline Wealth Management

Website: www.coastlinewealth.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/mike-kettner-cfa/