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Orthopedic Surgeon

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Michael Langworthy, M.D.


Growing older comes with a host of challenges, with limited mobility almost always topping the list. Though most may be aware of the dire consequences often suffered after a fall, most products on the market have been reactive—not proactive. Michael Langworthy is changing that. Michael is a clinical research orthopedic surgeon whose focus is technological development for fall and fracture prevention. His team, along with Spencley Medical, are developing a revolutionary technology named SafeHome to proactively prevent falls and fractures, allowing loved ones to stay in their own homes longer, and more safely.

Michael has been recognized both nationally and internationally as a top medical researcher, with many publications on the treatment of osteoarthritis and high kinetic energy trauma. He’s won numerous awards, including the Marquis Who’s Who Lifetime Achievement Award of 2018, among others. Over the last 20 years, Michael and his team have focused on the development of tactical strategies to deal with the safety critical engineering of joint implant design and injection technology in advancing the treatment of osteoarthritis and fall prevention.

Backed by mathematical modeling and biometric research into the root cause for falls and how to prevent them, the SafeHome project consists of groundbreaking smart furniture that uses AI and biometric readings to help stop falls from happening. When a user sits down, the proprietary physical hardware system stores the user’s own kinetic energy to use later in helping them stand and keeping them steady. The AI software then communicates to the user when it is safe to continue based on biometric readings. “We’ve all seen a 70-year-old parent, or grandparent, rock back and forth a bit trying to stand up. This often leads to dizziness upon standing,” Michael says. “We protect them during those 15-20 seconds while they're dizzy. The biometrics in the handle lets them know their blood pressure has come up and they’re safe to go.”  The SafeHome platform can also make doctor's appointments, order medications, and even order food delivery.

Michael Langworthy is a retired Navy captain and a graduate of the University of Michigan Medical School. He performed his fellowship training in adult pelvis and knee reconstruction at the University of California.


Michael Langworthy, M.D.

Orthopedic Surgeon


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