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Michael Longley

As managing director and head of business development and delivery for Sanctuary Wealth, Michael Longley has cultivated the perfect balance of curiosity and analytic skill to help emerging financial advisors build their dreams, and the dreams of their clients. After 15 years in the finance industry, including a four-year tenure as one of the youngest COOs of one of Merrill Lynch’s wealth management divisions, he knows how to leverage the hard metrics of profitability and practicality with the more elusive, human aspects of financial literacy. Sanctuary Wealth, based in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a platform for independent financial advisors, covering compliance and supervision, technology, human resources, asset management, custodial support, and everything else needed for success. It’s not just resources—it’s a community. Founded in 2018, Sanctuary’s network of partner firms spans more than 20 states and holds over $17B in assets. It includes several subsidiaries such as investment advisor, Sanctuary Advisors, and broker-dealer, Sanctuary Securities.


As part of Sanctuary’s executive leadership team, Michael empowers entrepreneurial advisors as they build their independent wealth management companies so that they can in turn, support their own clients. He advises them on practice management, marketing, and operations, taking a tirelessly hands-on approach from the earliest days of the process and throughout their entire experience. His deep understanding of Sanctuary’s custodians, vendors, and partners means Michael can analyze and explain any problem to any audience, whether it’s management or a partner firm, and he isn’t afraid to venture deep into the weeds to get results. Currently, Michael works with 57 partner firms, with 20 of those added this past year alone. He also leads Sanctuary’s business delivery group, providing approachable, digestible sales reporting, performance metrics, and other resources.


Seeing his partner firms grow is most rewarding for Michael. “I love being there when they launch, watching them flourish, and really helping them maximize the efficiency of their businesses.”


Michael Longley

Managing director, Head of Business Development and Delivery — Sanctuary Wealth

Website: https://sanctuarywealth.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/michael-longley-7a59297b