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Michael Martinez

Over 15 years ago, Michael Martinez launched his design career. He began in the engineering and structural department at a prominent engineering firm in Austin, TX then through self-study of design software and theory along with the support of tenured mentors, he expanded into a career in production architecture and property management. When the recession hit in 2008, Michael, like millions of others, was let go from his position—an event that would become a pivotal spark. Michael took his experience, natural artistic talent, and entrepreneurial drive and founded his own building design firm, Adamant Design Group, LLC. Located in Hutto, Texas, ADG is dedicated to designing homes that fit their client’s lifestyle, whether it be a modest three-bedroom house or an expansive estate. With over 300 projects designed for clients across the state and beyond, Michael’s reputation has fueled the company’s astounding growth—400% in 2020 alone—with 95% of his clients coming from word of mouth.


With a passion for design and a true affinity for his clients, Michael is present in every project, from initial concept to completed construction. “I want to be involved in every detail to make sure my clients get exactly what they want,” he says. Michael works closely with each client as well as with a network of expert contractors to iron out even the minutest detail of both the design and the cost to deliver the best and most affordable solution for the client. While Adamant Group traditionally focuses on residential design, they’ve expanded into light commercial projects, delivering the same attention to detail and commitment to quality that they’re known for on their residential projects.


“I enjoy helping my clients visualize the possibilities for their home, whether a remodel or custom build, and helping people figure out exactly what they want in a house,” Michael says. “We don’t realize just how much our house can influence us in our daily lives and how much we influence our house in terms of design. If someone’s house doesn’t function right for them, they’re not going to be happy there. If your house works for you, you’re going to see your house as a haven. I like to help people design their haven.” In addition to the technical aspects of design, Michael is in tune with its more elusive qualities that can often mean the difference between a house and a home. “The lack of windows in a room or the height of a ceiling can affect your mood for the rest of the day. There’s a psychology to designing houses, and it’s really fun to delve into these aspects that might seem trivial, but can make a big difference.”


For Michael, the design process is just like any other artistic process, going in with a rough idea and letting the result emerge organically, sometimes in surprising directions, and always with the client in mind. “I don’t do cookie-cutter houses. Every client is unique to me, so every design should be too,” he says. “I like to think that I play Tetris all day long, trying to figure out how the rooms are going to fit just right to function best. There is no ‘good enough’ when it comes to my designs. I view my designs as if it were my own house. I would want a designer to put that same kind of care in my house, so I bring that care to my own clients.”

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