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Michael Sullivan


With 24 years in wealth management and financial planning, Mike Sullivan knows a lot about Fortune 500 company benefits and he’s using that knowledge to take the stress out of retirement planning. He got his education working in the trenches with a couple of nationwide unions two decades ago. Mike took the time to learn their corporate benefits booklet front to back and then started educating employees via educational workshops. He ended up creating seven different classes, from Investing 101 to Estate Planning and everything in between. Mike provided these workshops around the country as he began his vocation of empowering employees through education and understanding of their negotiated benefits.


Today, as managing director and senior wealth advisor for Wealth Management Group, LLC, and the firm’s specialist in Fortune 500 benefits, Mike helps clients in Chicago and across the country work toward financial security in retirement through a personalized, holistic approach that not only includes wealth management and asset allocation, but social security maximization, legacy, estate planning, and more. He lays out even the most complicated concepts in a way that becomes intuitive and approachable for anyone. His skill and commitment to those he serves has seen him featured in Chicago Magazine as a five-time Five Star Wealth Manager and in Who’s Who in America, Finance Edition in 2022.  “What I enjoy most are the personal relationships I form with all my clients. We talk about our families, our vacations and life. I become a part of their lives and they become a part of mine.”



Michael Sullivan

Managing Director & Wealth Advisor —  Wealth Management Group


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