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Michael Thooft


Michael Thooft knows customer service: how to create a memorable experience, and how to get people what they really want and need. His extensive background in hospitality, including bartending during the Superbowl at Cardinals Stadium’s club level, means that dedication to people, relationships, and personal growth is second nature. And it’s why he shines as CEO of Tycho Energy, which he co-founded alongside Erik Lindgren in 2017. This renewable energy solutions firm, with its focus on solar, is all about getting to know people so that they can get them the services to make their lives better. “We take a whole-home approach,” Michael says. “We’re dedicated to providing the best-in-class customer service.”


Michael’s approach to the energy sector is deeply rooted in that customer service background, and that means starting from within. Tycho Energy doesn’t just train their representatives on solar energy, they encourage personal development and provide opportunities for real growth via several educational platforms. “Our culture is based on everyone being the best version of themselves,” Michael explains. “The growth mindset is fundamental.” It’s precisely this mindset that’s won Michael and his team top positions in national sales competitions and earned him the opportunity to share stages with other industry leaders. That’s because for Michael, helping people is what ultimately drives him. “I love being able to impact individuals on the team and provide them with a safe space to blossom and grow. We want to positively impact as many lives as possible.”



Michael Thooft

CEO — Tycho Energy



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