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Michael appears in the Top 100 Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Michael White


“How can I help you?” It’s a phrase heard often, but it means something different for the students of Dr. Michael White. That’s because when people with all levels of business analysis experience join The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC, they know they’ll emerge from the program at a new, much higher level.


With over 10 years of business analysis experience and multiple certifications from the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA), Michael certainly knows a thing or two about certification exam preparation! His students have a 98.6% first-time pass rate for their certification exams, which is one of the world’s highest. CEO and founder of the company, Michael is also the primary trainer, working with hundreds of adult learners and the companies they work for.


Michael has developed a learning model for his IIBA-endorsed programs that incorporates knowledge transfer, practical application, science-backed learning methods, and interactive elements. The program accelerates time to certification success, with an average of 60 to 90 days, and provides continuous support via email and social media with a 24-hour response time.


We caught up with Michael to learn more about how he’s helping so many professionals reach the next level in their career.


What compelled you to found the company?

I was once in the position of the customers I currently serve. Well-known training providers were exorbitantly overpriced, but the more affordable ones just weren’t providing quality service. I realized there needed to be a high-quality but accessible resource. The structure was also very limiting. Being a lover of learning, I’m well aware that different people have very different learning styles and should have options to accommodate them. That’s what I want to bring to the customers I serve today. Also, I wanted to break away from the stereotype that certifications are just about taking a test and getting the credential without putting the theory to use. That’s why I created certification programs with practical application requirements in addition to exam preparation.

What differentiates you from other trainers besides price and quality?

One of my major distinguishing factors is the amount of blending I do in my course structures, so students don’t get fatigued during our live courses. I mix the presentation of theory with hands-on application, so they learn at a deeper level. They’ll pass the exams, but they’ll also learn skills to use in their professional life. It’s also a major confidence booster for the participants.

How can this benefit individuals?


We break down concepts so people can understand them and use them in their daily work, improving performance and effectiveness. It increases their confidence, allowing them to achieve better results, which in turn provides more credibility and greater career potential. It also helps them maintain best practices throughout their organizations. I tell people all the time that certification provides a global benchmark, so regardless of their organization, they’ll stand out.


What about companies?


Many companies don’t offer extensive training programs. Their employees are often taught the steps of a particular activity, but not why it’s important. I take the time to help them fully understand the why. My training allows their employees to learn globally recognized best practices and how to apply them in ways that align with their organizational needs, which lead to better deliverables.


Tell us about some of your certification classes.

I offer both live and on-demand IIBA Certification courses, as well as a monthly membership version, which presents the content in small chunks. They all have access to a study groups on social media as well as discussion forums within the learning platform. Currently, my offerings include IIBA certification training and resources for the CBAP, CCBA, ECBA, AAC, CBDA, and CPOA.

My courses are structured to appeal to various learning styles; part of the methodology is to help people find their own style. This is especially important for working and established students as it allows for more flexibility , and the price range means our services are more accessible.


What is the main goal of the work you do?


I’ve taken these courses in the past and had not-so-great experiences, so I want to be as much of a resource as possible for people going down the same path. I want to build the next generation of highly effective business analysis practitioners. So many business analysts suffer from imposter syndrome and aren’t achieving the goals they want to. I want to be part of the movement toward a generation of highly effective business analysis professionals.


Michael White

Founder & CEO — The Business Analysis Doctor, LLC


LinkedIn: Dr. Michael White

Facebook: thebusinessanalysisdoctor

Instagram: thebadoc

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