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Co-Founder & Chairman

Michael appears in the Top 100 

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Michael Woods


Michael Woods has spent the last three decades cultivating an impressive career building and running businesses across the financial, technology, and construction sectors. He’s worked as CEO for various financial companies including Rothschild & Co. Asset Management and DWS Investments; co-founded technology firm, Monsoon Blockchain; and held the roles of CEO and COO for Big Sun Holdings, an organization that owns and operates building and technology companies. Michael’s tireless work ethic and desire to succeed has been behind many of his accomplishments, however, his aspiration to instill positive and enduring social and environmental impact has been the true driving force. 

The 2018, recipient of the New York Responsible 100 Award, Woods has worked diligently with various organizations to help support at-risk youth, encourage female business leaders, and protect the environment by promoting sustainable building practices and lowering carbon emissions.


Growing up farming in Indiana, Michael has always had a strong connection to agriculture and environmental preservation. He most recently co-founded rePlant Hemp Advisors, the first and only private fund company focused exclusively on industrial hemp. With the goal of raising awareness and benefiting the greater good, the company assists supply chains in the United States with growing, processing, and utilizing industrial hemp. “The industrial hemp plant sequesters twice as much carbon as trees, and the environmental benefits are dramatic,” Michael states. “We’re working to expand the knowledge and use of it across the nation and around the globe.”

Michael is leaning on his extensive experience as an executive, entrepreneur (and Indiana farm boy) as he works to build rePlant into the game-changer he knows it can be. “Over the years, I’ve had successes and failures. But,  what I’ve learned is that it’s all about execution. RePlant’s mission is vitally important in many ways, and now it’s our job to make sure we execute on every front, because this is one of the few times where everyone truly can win.”


Michael holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Taylor University. He’s a member of the Organization for Economic Development’s executive consultation group for their Blue Dot Network, board member and chairman of the finance committee for the Business Counsel for International Understanding in D.C., finance committee member and chairman of the development committee for The Korea Society in NYC.


Michael Woods

Co-Founder & Chairman — rePlant Hemp Advisors



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