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Michel Cubric


Michel Cubric is a 27-year industry veteran who is driven by a desire to make a positive impact. From large banks in Canada to smaller organizations, he’s known as a builder, a fixer, and a transformer with a talent for adjusting quickly as circumstances demand. As a Brazilian native, he began his career during a volatile financial market, and these skills allowed him to pivot and make decisions efficiently in the rapidly changing environment. Now, as the CEO of Lighthouse Credit Union, Michel brings together his experience and expertise to lead a financial institution that shuns “box banking” and recaptures an “old-fashioned” model that sees its clients as people, not credit scores or account balances. The first of its kind in North America, Lighthouse Credit Union was launched in June of 2022 to serve the Jewish community in the greater Toronto area. It was also the first credit union to receive approval and licensing by the provisional regulator in over a decade. “This speaks volumes in the government’s confidence and belief in our business,” Michel says.

Lighthouse offers various types of financial products and services, including term deposits and residential mortgages, with plans to soon offer traditional banking, such as bank accounts, credit cards, and other products. But what really differentiates them from the pack is their “human” approach that goes back to the basics—people. “We get to know our clients and their circumstances, and approve credit not based on box-checking, but based on the individual,” Michel says.


Michel Cubric

CEO — Lighthouse Credit Union

Website: www.lighthousecu.ca

LinkedIn: Michel Cubric