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Michelle DiMuria

Demi Lovato, Michael Phelps, Lady Gaga. These are just a few of the public faces that represent the growing mental health crisis in the U.S. But in the shadow of the spotlight, millions more people are struggling in silence and isolation. Michelle DiMuria, founder and CEO of the BEE Daring Foundation, the first civilian mental health organization in the state of Arizona, is on a mission to eradicate the stigma and change the conversation one story at a time. BEE Daring provides a support system, a community, and resources for individuals looking to create a better version of themselves—from parents to high school and college students, athletes, health care workers, and others. And Michelle knows of what she speaks. She’s been living with PTSD since 2017, and rose from a sexual assault victim to a survivor who built an organization to help others. Recognized with the ASU Pitchfork Award for Best Education Program: Mental Health Awareness Week, she’s changing the definition from living with mental health issues to thriving despite them—and she’s bringing her growing “BEE Tribe” with her. Over 6,400 people attended BEE Daring’s summits and events—16 in total—in its first two years. In 2020, their mental health global summit “broke the internet” with over 12,000 people.

“I remember how alone and scared I felt when I was diagnosed,” she recalls. “No one should ever feel that way or as though they don’t matter. I wanted to create a place where individuals can BEE themselves.” And so she did. Michelle launched the foundation in 2018, after receiving a B.A. in psychology, a B.S. and master’s in criminal justice, and creating the Pave the Way: Mental Health Summit in 2017—all while struggling with PTSD. Through BEE University, people can utilize workshops, courses, blogs, magazines, podcasts, and self-care bags to create virtual toolboxes to help them in their everyday lives. But more than that, BEE Daring is a community of civilians helping civilians, sharing their own mental health stories, experiences, and advice. “I could have easily allowed my mental illness to define me, but I didn’t. Instead, I gave myself a voice. And every day, I get a little stronger, we get a little stronger!”


Michelle DiMuria

Founder & CEO — Bee Daring Foundation

Email: michelle@beedaringfoundation.org

Website: https://beedaringfoundation.org/

LinkedIn:  https://www.linkedin.com/in/mdimuria/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BeeDaringFoundation/

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/beedaringfoundation/

Bee University: https://beeu.beedaringfoundation.org/