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Mike appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Mike Lowe


For more than two decades, Mike Lowe has worked in the automobile industry, starting at the very bottom, washing cars, and slowly but steadily climbing the corporate ladder, finding success in sales and management.


In 2014, Mike joined Northgate GM, one of the largest dealers in western Canada, as general manager. In 2019, he became the owner of the thriving General Motors car dealership, offering Chevy, Buick, GMC, and Corvette vehicles to the community of Alberta, Edmonton and beyond. As principal and owner, Mike is responsible for the entire dealership, overseeing all departments, managing more than 100 employees, and working closely with leadership and management teams. In 2022, Northgate GM merged with Bannister Auto Group, which provided the enhanced support of Bannister’s industry experience, but without sacrificing the family atmosphere Mike had created. “Even though we belong to an auto group, we have our own identity. We are not run by a corporation,” Mike said.


In addition to his focus on delivering outstanding customer service, Mike strives to keep his staff engaged by encouraging both professional and personal growth. He is proud to help those around him succeed in the business, just as he has, and always makes it a point to hire and promote from within. “We are a very close team. We work well together, and our positivity is passed on to our customers. There is no job too high or above anyone—we are all here for a common goal,” Mike shares.


Giving back to the community is equally important to Mike. He was a volunteer firefighter for 13 years, which saw him on the frontline for the wildfires in 2016. He sits on two boards for General Motors and in 2021, he played in the world’s longest hockey game to raise money for the Cure Cancer Foundation. “We played hockey outside in negative 50 degrees for 12 days straight in six- to seven-hour shifts!” he recalls. The dealership staff is also heavily involved in the community and does their part by supporting the Stars Ambulance Foundation and holding fundraisers and toy drives throughout the year for those in need.



Mike Lowe

Owner and Dealer Principal — Northgate GM

Facebook: Mike Lowe
Instagram: Mlowsy84

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