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Mike McGuire


For anyone seeking information about fasteners, look no further than Mike McGuire, the owner of both Worldwide Fastener Sources and US Fastener Sources. Inducted into the Fastener Hall of Fame in 1994 and honored with the 2020 Industrial Fastener Institute Soaring Eagle Award for service to the fastener industry, he has dedicated his career to helping make informed decisions about this much-used multifaceted product. To that end, Mike has created the world's most comprehensive fastener website that features lists of suppliers (manufacturers and importers) and distributors, technology, plus 114 major fastener product categories for sourcing over 13,000 specific types of fasteners. "It's the largest glossary in the industry because I include companies that are processes that help make fasteners," he says. "From hot headers, cold forging, stampers and, of course, heat treaters and platers, we use all that terminology in my glossary."  Fastener training is covered with a 1000 Q&A Fastener Quiz and the Industrial Fastener Study Guide. The Fastener Library covers various aspects of the fastener industry and technical applications. The Fastener History Timeline features important events in the fastener industry from 1940 to the present day, year by year.


The company is also in the process of creating a course in fastening application engineering for Trident Technical College that will help teach engineering students the importance of fasteners in application. "They don't teach anything about fasteners in engineering schools across America, so we're trying to change that position. His other project in the works is The Fastening Application Guide, which is where fasteners are proprietary or captive for precise types of applications. The guide is being created to stimulate creative, innovative fastening applications for the specific fasteners made for unique applications.


US Fastener Sources awards in their HONORS Program are the Fastener Legend of the Year, Fastener Person of the Year, and Independent Fastener Rep of the Year. The Fastener Innovation Awards recognized the individual or company with the latest new innovative fasteners or fastening system.  


Mike, a U.S. Navy veteran (VF-102), is also the founder of the 1981 National Industrial Fastener Show & Conference Expo 1981 and the publisher/editor of the American Fastener Journal, which he started in 1983, both of which were sold in 2015.  Mike’s favorite saying is “Everything made has a fastener on it or the machine that made that product has a fastener on it with no exceptions.”



Mike McGuire

Owner — Worldwide Fastener Sources


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