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Mike Miller


Mike Miller is a seasoned business owner, trusted advisor, angel investor, and board member, with several decades of experience in startups, small business, investing, and international business development. He’s also founder and principle at Wild Horse Labs Inc., a business growth accelerator. Based in San Diego and Los Angeles, his group provides comprehensive support for startups, emerging growth ventures, and medium-sized businesses alike. Offering a combination of services and related connections, his group is highly connected with national and international angel investors, venture capital, private equity firms. It’s also well networked with subject matter and industry experts who advise clients on various situations, including market dynamics, ahead of preparing to go to market. “We’re really focused on the client and, ultimately, helping to support and foster their success in order to create an a successful future,” he says. Through introductions to funding networks and other resources beyond capital, the group helps clients understand their business opportunities, assessing issues while simultaneously knowing trends, markets, competition, and how to best compete.


When business leaders and organizations need expertise, connections, and money, they turn to Wild Horse.“ In terms of our offerings, if we have it, we provide it; and if we can’t provide it, we’ll do our best to connect you with someone who can,” he explains. In addition to helming the thriving organization, Mike also serves as a growth advisor for Let No Moss Grow, where he coaches both business owners and executives. With the goal of helping clients achieve maximum profitability possible, he helps organizations achieve business efficiencies and effective marketing for growth. Starting with an assessment of the business, Mike helps his clients discover areas of need and improvement, along with opportunities for profitable growth. From there, he coaches them using a plan that they have developed together. “’Plan’ is a very important word for me, and I enjoy working with clients to help develop their monthly milestones with clear deadlines for success ,” he shares. “Helping others be successful, is what fuels me.”


Mike holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from Lehigh University, and an MBA from Loyola Marymount University. He also holds a certificate in leader assessment and development from the Center for Creative Leadership. He wrote “Do It Yourself – How to Increase Your Net Profits.”


Mike Miller

Principal — Wild Horse Labs Inc.



Facebook: WildHorse Labs

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