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Mike Moran

After nearly 8 years in healthcare mergers and acquisitions, Mike Moran found himself in the unique and exciting position to start his own M&A advisory firm with two fantastic and equally talented partners. Prior to forming M&A Healthcare Advisors (MAHA), Mike and his two partners had executed more than 50 successful transactions over the previous four years, and officially formed MAHA in July 2021. Their company is located in Los Angeles, CA, but Mike and his team represent healthcare businesses nationwide. MAHA specifically focuses on the lower middle-market which includes healthcare businesses generating between $5M and $100M of annual revenue. “We’re unique because our experience offers clients in the lower-middle market access to institutional level transactional support that is typically only provided to clients with much larger businesses. It’s a surprisingly underserved market, full of advisory firms who simply make introductions to buyers, but don’t have the process or transactional experience which is critical to achieving a successful outcome,” Mike says.


MAHA is an attentive advisory firm with a depth of experience in every phase of the sale process. Their core purpose is to provide comprehensive, efficient, and committed transactional support for their clients. The MAHA team is highly accessible, experienced, and process-driven, as well as relentless in their advocacy for their clients. As seller representatives, Mike and his team work hard to maintain leverage for their clients and protect their best interests. They also provide M&A consultation and expert valuation services. Mike also works very diligently to add significant value to the transactions he facilitates. “When representing a client through a sale process, we usually work with them between 4 to 8 months or longer for unique situations. Undoubtedly there is a strong bond that’s formed, and we’ve been fortunate enough to sustain relationships with most of the business owners we’ve represented,” he says.


Selling a business is a major decision and often a stressful process, but Mike is dedicated to supporting those who may not otherwise get the quality representation they really need. “In some instances, especially with our clients on the verge of retirement, the financial gain from selling their business is meant to carry them for the rest of their lives, so this is a monumental responsibility, and we understand that,” he explains. “Being able to do important work, do it well, and receive the confidence from clients that we’ve represented in selling their life’s work is what drives me and my partners every day.”


Mike Moran

Partner/Executive Advisor, M&A Healthcare Advisors



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