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Mike appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Mike Petrovski 


Where the majority of developers concentrate on economies of scale, Profile Developments looks to level the playing field. Founded by Mike Petrovski in 2018, the organization is changing the landscape—literally. Specializing in sourcing, developing, and building “missing middle” housing, the company is committed to creating a more diverse housing supply in growing communities that suffer from a lack of affordable options. “Large-scale developers have concentrated on the two extremes of the housing spectrum—high-rise towers and single-family home subdivisions—which has created a void in housing supply,” he states. “Where skyrocketing prices have kept a huge number of potential buyers out of the market, we’re able to provide the most affordable ground-oriented units conducive to families in the peripheral part of Toronto.”


Long before the first blueprint is drawn, Mike sees how a housing project will both function and contribute to the community at large. As someone with steely determination and a laser-focus, Mike’s drive to help others stems from his own humble upbringing. With no formal education, Mike is a self-taught success who went straight into real estate without a dime to his name. Now, he’s paying it forward. Featured in Livabl for his $1 million contribution to SickKids Hospital—the organization that saved his life as a child, after waking up Christmas Eve morning in excruciating pain at just seven years old. “Being lucky enough to now be in a position to give back is really the greatest gift,” he shares.



Mike Petrovski 

Founder & President — Profile Developments


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