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Milena McEnroe

Mortgage Loan Officer

Milena appears in the Top 100

People in Finance magazine.

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Milena McEnroe

Milena McEnroe is proud to say she’s spent her entire career at U.S. Bank. She’s been in finance since 2008. From there, she rose quickly through the ranks to private banking associate, branch manager, and wealth management banker, to her current position as mortgage loan officer. U.S. Bank, headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is the fifth-largest bank in the United States, serving millions of clients with banking, investment, mortgages, and more. Milena’s varied career with the institution has made her an expert in various aspects of banking and loan origination. Her skills and success with clients won her a Pinnacle Award for achieving the top 10% production as a branch manager at U.S. Bank in 2016.

Today, as a mortgage loan officer, Milena helps clients with all their mortgage needs, purchasing or refinancing a home, as well as long tern planning. She also works with realtors outside of the bank.  “I think having gone through so many roles in banking gave me not only knowledge, but the ability to find answers,” she says. “I can always find an answer for my client.”  She’s also been able to build meaningful relationships within the bank, ensuring success for all, including the clients. “If I can’t help somebody, I can find someone who can. So, while I’m using my expertise to help my clients with their needs, I actually have the entire U.S. Bank team behind me.”

Building these relationships, many of which have lasted for nearly a decade, is Milena’s favorite part of the job, and she’s sure to make each and every client feel fulfilled and attended to. “It’s the best part of my job that I get to know my clients very well,” she says. “I get to be part of their financial life and help them through the years. I always go the extra step for them. I want to know them on a personal level so that I can understand their unique goals, situations, and lifestyles. This allows me to develop a plan that will work best for them.”



Milena McEnroe

Mortgage Loan Officer — US Bank




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