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Milt Johns

Milt Johns holds 35 years of experience in government contracting as well as 23 years as a private practice attorney and corporate counsel. Over the course of his accomplished career, he’s garnered a plethora of firsthand experience in managing contracts and employees and writing proposals, which has equipped him with an in-depth understanding of the business challenges faced by many small- to mid-sized government contracting companies. With the goal of providing the best service possible, Milt leveraged his wealth of expertise with his law degree as managing member at Executive Law Partners, PLLC, a firm that has seen lightning-fast growth over the past year.

Based in the Northern Virginia/Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area, the full-service business and corporate law firm focuses on government contracts, corporate transactions and counsel, international, and other civil litigation. The dedicated group of attorneys have litigated in state and federal courts throughout the country and serve a national client base. Executive Law Partners offers the same level of experience and expertise as some of the large national firms, but at significantly lower hourly rates, making the firm an affordable option to emerging and mid-market companies.

To serve the growing demand of clients, Milt and his fellow attorneys opened an additional office in Denver, Colorado, to expand their reach and serve people across the Greater Denver Area and Colorado Springs Corridor, where they will be able to support a number of government-contracting, veteran-owned, and emerging tech companies. In addition, they’ve added 10 new attorneys from a variety of legal backgrounds—military and federal government lawyers, former private enterprise general counsel, and seasoned litigators. Milt attributes the firm’s expansion to the tenfold increase in the number of clients they serve. “I believe the growth we are seeing is due to our clients,” he says. “They recognize the value proposition we offer as well as our expertise in the practice areas we provide.”


Milt is a graduate of George Mason University School of Law.



Milt Johns

Managing Member

Executive Law Partners, PLLC


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