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Misha and Sak appear in the Top 100 

Innovators & Entrepreneurs Magazine

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Left: Sak Narwal, CEO and Co-Founder. Right: Misha Andric, President, Co-Founder

Misha Andric and Sak Narwal


When Misha Andric and Sak Narwal founded VANA Health, Inc. in Vancouver five years ago, it was born out of the sole desire to help themselves and their loved ones, and deliver on their lifelong pledge to create a health formulation for better, stronger, happier lives. They brought together a team of pre-eminent nutritionists, molecular biologists, and immunologists who, for two decades, sought the answers from nature itself—and found it. Misha and Sak combined technological innovation, research, and these ancient ingredients to create a game-changing food supplement program: The VANA AM & PM System.


Made using pharmaceutical-grade processes in a state-of-the-art GMP- and BRCGS-compliant manufacturing facility, these two little vials of “concentrated nature” pack 1,000 mg of polyphenols along with essential phytochemicals and micronutrients. Free from added sugars and preservatives, no mixing, no adding water—just pop the top and do a shot morning and night and it provides the body with what it needs to thrive. “I believe good health is based on good nutrition. What you put into your body is what you get out,” says Misha. “We’ve made it easy and enjoyable for people to live their best lives.”


In another first—especially for a new venture—Misha and Sak forwent any marketing campaigns for VANA and before ever releasing it to the public, they gave away 400 cases and VANA’s health-tracking app to influencers and consumers to try, asking for their honest opinion of the product. The resounding enthusiasm from consumers across the globe says it all: 5 out of 5 stars, with Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima counting VANA among her “must-haves.”


“The wisdom of nature’s ability to provide what we need has always been there. Now, we’re looking at it from a scientific point of view,” says Sak. “I think what we’re doing with VANA will really make a difference—not just in people’s health, but in their longevity.”


So, what is VANA? What makes it so different?


VANA is a revolutionary combination of fruits, nature, polyphenols, and technology designed to support optimal health and wellness. “Our food chain is broken,” Sak says. “The overuse of fertilizers and pesticides, among other things, means today’s produce is not as nutrient-rich as it should be. That void is creating disease. We wanted to bridge that gap.” The ingredients alone are nothing new; in fact, they’ve been used for millennia. Misha and Sak synergistically combined these natural ingredients, in liquid form, in a way that maximizes their healing properties and bioavailability with 1,000 mg of polyphenols and over 500 beneficial micro-nutrients and minerals. “The liquid formula is the most efficient delivery mechanism with the highest bioavailability,” says Misha. “We’ve made it the easiest, most convenient way to take it—two shots. You can take them with you, put them in your purse, or your pocket,” adds Sak. The AM formula helps with energy and focus, daily detox from heavy metals, reduced intracellular water retention, and overall wellness. The PM formula helps promote restful sleep and includes ingredients to combat inflammation, stress, and anxiety.


Because of VANA’s liquid formula, the nutrients and polyphenols are more easily absorbed than other products that come in powder or capsule form. Add to that the impact of 1,000 mg of polyphenols daily, and it’s no wonder they’ve received rave reviews. “Right now, this formulation is unheard of,” says Misha. “It enhances your health to the maximum, without heavy metals.” Polyphenols are a group of plant compounds that have strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties—properties which form the foundation for overall good health by reducing cell damage while helping combat chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes. They also help cognitive functioning and have been shown to improve memory and learning.


The VANA Health-Tracking App: Bringing optimal health to the palm of your hand


While Misha and Sak personally know the benefits of VANA AM and PM, having taken it themselves for years, they wanted to give VANA users the ability to track and improve their own health—the very reason they started VANA. VANA’s AI-driven health-tracking app offers innovative features that allow users to monitor their progress, see the results for themselves, and receive personalized recommendations. “We want people to witness the benefits themselves,” Misha explains. “Put in your health data, daily intake, upload photos, and in three months, you’ll see unbelievable progress in your health.”


Misha is also the co-founder of Planet Shrimp Inc., whose innovative rearing methods and sustainability earned them awards from several organizations, such as Restaurants Canada and Community Futures Elgin.



Misha Andric

President and Co-Founder—VANA Health, Inc.


Sak Narwal

CEO and Co-Founder—VANA Health, Inc.




Instagram: @vanahealth

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