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Mitchell Ghaneie

As an attorney who specializes in intellectual property law, Mitchell “Mitch” Ghaneie expertly represents clients in the areas of patents, trademarks, copyrights and domain names and disputes.  His diverse range of clients include independent inventors, entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses who require legal expertise and assistance to protect the rights to their unique and innovative ideas, products and inventions.  While many of Mitch’s clients are located in Florida, many patents and trademarks are governed by federal law, therefore has also assists clients throughout the country as well as internationally in China and Russia.

Before receiving his law degree, Mitch graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology from Florida State University.  This scientific background is an asset to an intellectual property attorney as this area of law often involves technical and scientific information.  After finishing law school and passing the Patent Bar as well as the Florida Bar, Mitch worked as a patent attorney for a private law firm, where he gained valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in all aspects of intellectual property law. He has prosecuted many patent applications and hundreds of trademark applications, assisted clients with filing copyright applications, forming LLCs and corporations, drafting licensing agreements and various other contractual agreements.

In February 2019, with a wealth of intellectual property and patent law experience behind him, Mitch opened his own firm. Mitch explains that the four cornerstones of his firm are integrity, value, accessibility and communication.  He adds, “We use these cornerstones as the foundation to create a good client experience.” His firm is different from other firms because they focus on service and ensure that clients will always be able to speak directly to an attorney.  Mitch explains, “If a client calls – they will either speak immediately with an attorney overseeing their file or be called back within 24 hours.”

Under the vast umbrella of intellectual property law, Mitch’s firm also adeptly handles trademark oppositions and cancellations. The ultimate goal of the firm is to help its clients successfully enforce their intellectual property by protecting their brands, inventions, and creative works.

With all of the exceptional legal services that they provide regarding intellectual property – the firm is consistently meeting their goal.

Mitchell Ghaneie

Registered Patent Attorney

475 West Town Place, Suite 205K, Saint Augustine, FL 32092

Available by appointment: 10752 Deerwood Park Blvd #100, Jacksonville, FL 32256

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