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Mo appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Mo Rafi


Mo Rafi knows finance inside and out, not only from his decade of experience in multiple roles in banks, but from his own personal financial journey. Now he’s passing on his unique knowledge and insight to everyone as the founder and president of Rafi Credit Consulting, Inc. “I’ve used these tactics personally throughout my life,” he says. “Now, we’re teaching people to chuck generic financial advice and embrace creative, out-of-the box thinking when it comes to money, because that’s the only way to succeed in today’s economic climate.” Launched in 2019 as a financial education company, Rafi Credit Consulting has already helped thousands of people, and that’s not counting the tens of thousands who tune in to his Instagram and TikTok. “Ninety percent of Canadians have good credit but live paycheck-to-paycheck; that’s just not okay,” Mo says. He knew there was a better way, so he crafted a system of financial education that everyone can benefit from. It was an instant hit, as recognized by Forbes, Expert Hub, and Start Up Magazine.


Mo thoroughly educates his clients on Canadian banking and credit scoring systems before referring them to financial services so they can successfully negotiate, obtain credit, and invest. Most importantly, he’s providing hope. “With the recession growing, people want guidance, but recessions statistically create the most millionaires, and the average person has that opportunity, too,” Mo shares. “We’re helping educate people to successfully navigate this difficult time and actually use this time to their advantage.”


Mo has obtained CSC, CPH, DFOL, PFSA, FP1, and FP2 certifications.


Mo Rafi

Founder & President — Rafi Credit Consulting, Inc.

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