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Mo Yang

Amid the congested landscape of finance, there is a luminary company and an influential leader vaulting over the mundane trivialities of archetypal posturing and pretense, bringing genuine value and real results to entrepreneurs in the fintech, cryptocurrency, and disruptive technology spaces.

The company is Nexoa and its trailblazing founder is Mo Yang.

Mo is an authority on cryptocurrency and blockchain, with an impressive career history as a Certified Public Accountant, Chartered Financial Analyst, and Chartered Accountant. His proficiencies include financial planning and analysis (budgeting, management and performance reporting, forecasting, and modeling), mergers and acquisitions, complex international structuring, and management of venture capital and family offices. Over the span of his career, Mo held a position as CFO of a tech company with over 100 employees, closed over $2B in deals as an M&A advisor, worked for BMO capital, one of the leading Bay Street institutional trading desks, and advised the titan company, Silo, through their reverse takeover process, raising $5M pre-initial public offering.

We sat down with Mo to learn more about his company, what they do, and how they distinguish themselves within the oversaturated market. 

Mo, let’s start with an overview of what Nexoa does and what led you to create it.

In a nutshell, Nexoa offers CFO services and provides venture capital to promising startups in order to facilitate their goal of becoming publicly traded.

I started my career in accounting, working for a Top 6 international firm, then moved to M&A and transactional corporate finance. I then relocated to Toronto, where I worked on a trading desk and did a lot of institutional trading and selling. I later accepted an appointment as chief financial officer of a tech company, which is where I realized that a CFO is actually a commodity that could be capitalized on. So, I leveraged all my experience and started my own consulting practice. I wanted to give myself more control over my destiny, and at the same time, help more companies to grow.

Let’s talk a little more about Nexoa’s involvement after it has taken a company public.

We stay on with the companies we represent, and they want us to remain involved after going public. Two of our greatest success stories—Silo Wellness and Polymath—are perfect examples of our commitment to continued support. I currently serve as director of Silo Wellness, a company developing assets in the psychedelics space, and CEO of Nifty technology, an NFT (non-fungible token) company.

You also support the success of promising startups by acting as an angel investor. Tell us about your work in this area.

We’re really interested in helping entrepreneurs who are just starting out. We like to get in early and support great ideas, whether it be by writing a check or connecting them to our network. We’re not just “dumb money.” We bring value and experience to the table.

What CFO services does your firm provide and who does this benefit?

Our clients are primarily in the fintech and SaaS (software as a service) spaces—cryptocurrency and disruptive technologies such as AI and machine learning—as well as pharma and other emerging sectors. 

The most important support services that our clients look to us for are handling audits, M&A, and complex accounting. Dealing with publicly listed companies requires a special skill set, inclusive of quarterly reporting, auditing, and working with regulators across the various exchanges. We have experience in all these areas.

The benefit is that we’re a one-stop shop. We’re multidimensional. We take care of it all, so it’s also cost-effective.

How many and what type of clients do you serve?

We have a broad range of clients and have been involved with nearly three dozen in various sectors of the startup space. Our focus thus far, however, has been on the three verticals I mentioned—fintech, crypto, and SaaS.

Are you seeing greater demand from cryptocurrency clients?

Yes. The crypto market is evolving and maturing, so we’re seeing new infrastructure around decentralized finance, along with a sea of companies that are starting and building upon it. Additionally, there’s a lot of specialized legal, accounting, and tax services required to operate in that space so we’re experiencing greater demand for our services.

Lastly, Mo, tell us about your specific role and what your responsibilities are.

I advise on fundraising and capital market strategies (wherein both individuals and business entities buy and sell debt and equity securities via the New York Stock Exchange, American Stock Exchange, London Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ), execute go public transactions, and analyze our potential investments. Also, as I mentioned earlier, I maintain executive positions in some of the companies that we’ve taken public.

I’m required to wear many hats, and it’s often very challenging, but I wouldn’t relinquish a single component of my duties. I’m proud of Nexoa and the clients we’ve helped, and based on what we’ve managed to accomplish in a relatively short period of time, I’m confident that we will continue to grow.


Mo Yang, Partner, Nexoa CPA

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