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Monica appears in the 2020

Top 100 Attorneys Magazine

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“There is almost no such thing as ready.  There is only now.”   

– Hugh Laurie

Monica Thurman

Utilizing her extensive legal, compliance and governance experience, Monica Thurman leads global compliance for Thomson Reuters, where she has a reporting responsibility to the risk committee. She manages a team responsible for broad compliance issues, including, anti-bribery, economic sanctions, investigations, and policy initiatives. She is on the TR Legal Council, which focuses on talent management and diversity initiatives.  Prior to Thomson Reuters, she was SVP, chief compliance officer for XPO Logistics reporting to the CEO and audit committee. Her responsibilities included chairing the European risk committee, managing the global compliance program and GDPR implementation. She previously held senior in-house legal and HR roles at Halliburton, where she was director employee relations and compliance. While at Halliburton, she was selected by the CEO for its prestigious President’s Leadership Excellence Program, designated for 30 high potential employees out of the company’s 85,000 employees.   

In addition to work responsibilities, Monica is frequently asked to speak about corporate compliance program best practices, women leaders in the law, and diversity and inclusion.

She is on the advisory board for Corporate Counsel for Women of Color and Career and Recovery Resources, Inc. and has been a Houston mayoral appointee to serve as commissioner for the Houston Civil Service Commission. Monica also graduated from United Way’s Project Blueprint, an esteemed leadership program which prepares leaders for service on nonprofit and public sector boards.

Monica has utilized her gender and cultural differences to navigate career challenges adeptly and to fuel her commitment to professional excellence.

Ms. Thurman earned her Doctor of Jurisprudence degree from the Mauer School of Law.



Monica Thurman

Enterprise Compliance

Thomson Reuters Corporation

phone: (214) 490-3970


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