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Sherri and Tammi appear in the

Top 50 Women of 2019 Magazine

Q&A With Sherri Murphy and Tammi Pickle of Elite Connections International


How did you get into the professional matchmaking business?


I previously had a successful career in real estate, but it was not fulfilling. I met my husband through a matchmaker and thought it what a wonderful way to meet quality men. I felt it was like being introduced by a friend. I was very conscientious of safety  because I had been attacked by a man many years before. I was fortunate enough to get away unharmed and was actually able to help the police catch him, however, it really affected me and I was certainly not the person that ever would have dated strangers online. I saw a real need for a safe, effective way for successful and commitment-minded singles to meet one another. After meeting my husband to be, I started my own dating business a few weeks later. We opened in the Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area in 1994 and have been expanding ever since.

What makes your business, Elite Connections International so successful?  How do you stand out from other similar businesses in the industry?


Elite is an established business that offers 25 years of dedicated matchmaking services. We work with successful, selective singles that don’t have time for the world of online deception when it comes to meeting the right person.  We are one of the few companies in the industry that works for women as well as men and we have had great success because we take the time to get to know all of our clients personally, which is extremely important. We take our work and our clients very seriously and we have achieved an A+ business rating with the BBB and BCA the entire time we have been in business.   We were also voted, “The Best Dating Agency in LA” in 2018.  We are a national and international business with offices in major cities throughout the country as well as in Europe in Paris, France. We will also be opening an office in London very soon.

Tell us about your role at Elite Connections International.


I am the president and founder of the company. I take care of all marketing and advertising, overseeing our VIP clients and hiring most of our team.  I am proud to have hired an amazing staff of matchmakers and scouts that work in all office locations.  I am truly inspired personally and professionally by the motto, “Finding love is the most important thing in your life.”

What is it like to work with your daughter?


My daughter and I are very close. We’ve worked together in this company since she was in high school. She is by far the best matchmaker I have ever worked with and she is truly dedicated to her job. She didn’t become a VP because she’s my daughter, it is a result of her hard work and dedication to her role and the company as a whole.

How did you get started working in the business?


I grew up working in this business with my mom.  It is not something that I felt I had to do, but rather, something I wanted to do.  My mom and I truly complement each other when we work together. While I went to school and studied psychology in college, the more I met with clients, the more I fell in love with helping people to meet other people.

What is your role at Elite Connections International?


I have been the vice president of the company for about fifteen years. I meet with all the clients, as well as the recruits for my clients.  I am always out researching and trying to recruit the best possible matches for my clients.

How do you go about finding “the perfect match” for your clients?


I really focus on who my clients are and what is important to them so I can match them with the best person.  There has to be something in common between two people and they must share a mutual attraction.  We handle every aspect of the matchmaking process; from the beginning-middle-end. We offer advice on clothes, hair, and grooming, we do photo shoots, we offer coaching and dating advice. We truly want to help our clients best represent themselves to make the best matches. Most importantly, we also do background checks on criminal history, etc.  We ensure that each client is who they say they are. We also gather feedback from all dates so that we can improve our processes for the future.

What does the future hold for Elite Connections International?


We are focused on expanding our business nationally and internationally.  We continue to add new locations in the major cities in the U.S as well as locations in Europe.  We work with an elite network of professionals who have happily achieved matchmaking success and we want to spread that success throughout the world!

Sherri Murphy, President and Founder

Tammi Pickle, Vice President

Elite Connections International  |  |  800-923-4200






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