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Nadeem appears in the Top 100 

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Nadeem Kassam


Nadeem Kassam has always had an entrepreneurial spirit. In the year 2000, at the age of 12, he co-founded NK Media to help local businesses with their marketing. Years later, Nadeem would find his calling and launch Connect the Doc (CTD) to help his parents (both dentists) and other medical providers, solve a major challenge. “When I started CTD, my goal was to build the Expedia of healthcare. I wanted to make the process of finding and booking a healthcare appointment online effortless,” Nadeem shares.

In 2012, Nadeem launched his booking platform. A few years later, he recognized that the business model was not scaling at the rate he had expected. Nadeem pivoted and redirected CTD’s focus to creating software for doctors and dentists to boost their Google reviews, patient referrals, and visibility online. “We really committed ourselves to being the best review platform for dentists and that has paid off,” Nadeem adds.

Today, CTD works with both dental and medical practices. Their software includes a review platform, website chatbot, and CRM. Their marketing services include website design, paid ads management, and SEO. “Our competitive advantage is our business model and customer support. I’m proud to share that we have a 99.5% retention rate without any contracts,” says Nadeem. To date, CTD has generated over 100,000 reviews for its clients and more than $100M in new patient value. Having mastered the dental space, Nadeem and the CTD team look forward to expanding into more medical and non-medical verticals.


Nadeem attended Whitman College, where he was an All-American tennis player.


Nadeem Kassam

Founder, President & CEO — Connect the Doc



Facebook: connectthedoc

Instagram: connectthedoc

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