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Nancy Disbrow

Nancy Disbrow, the owner and founder of Neuro-osity, is at the forefront of reshaping perceptions surrounding Neurodiversity in the workplace. While Nancy struggled with Dyslexia and ADHD throughout her life, she wasn’t diagnosed until she was well into her successful career as an HR leader.


Growing up, Nancy sensed her differences, working tirelessly to keep pace with her peers. It wasn't until her daughter received a diagnosis of Dyslexia and ADHD that she comprehended the source of her learning differences. From that point forward, everything began to fit together like puzzle pieces, including a family history of Dyslexia.


“I had no idea people saw the world differently than I do. Now, I understand it’s a gift and a huge part of why I have been successful in my career. For many of us with Dyslexia, we can feel like we are broken and not good enough. I’m here to tell everyone that your brain is amazing! We simply need to tap into your unique strengths.”


In 2023, Nancy transitioned from her vice president of human resources role and founded Neuro-osity. Nancy now passionately advocates for organizations to embrace Neurodiversity in the workplace and to celebrate it. Through speaking engagements, training programs, and professional coaching, she helps companies better support neurodivergent employees by creating neuro-inclusive cultures.



Nancy Disbrow
Owner and Founder

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