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Nancy Tengler


Nancy Tengler has been in the investment management business for over three decades. Nancy is dedicated not only to finding innovative ways for her clients to manage and increase their wealth, but also to help empower women to jump into investing themselves. Today, she is the chief investment officer at Laffer-Tengler Investments in Scottsdale, Arizona. Laffer-Tengler is a wealth and asset management firm building custom investment portfolios for clients across the country. The company has locations in Tennessee, Arizona, and North Carolina. Nancy, who joined the firm in December 2018, is responsible for active equity management research and portfolio management as well as leading the firm’s wealth management services. She writes a column for USA Today and guest posts on HerMoney, providing tips and information to women looking to expand their investment knowledge, and wrote a book, The Woman’s Guide to Successful Investing, in 2014. Prior to joining Laffer-Tengler, she held several senior leadership roles in investment management, taught college for five years, and earned her MFA in creative writing.


Nancy’s approach to investment management is one of total transparency and customization. First, when clients work with Laffer Tengler there are no hidden or surprise fees. “Our clients know exactly what they are paying for our services,” she says. “The compounding of fees can have a significant, deleterious effect on long-term total return.” Second, no two portfolios ever look the same because Laffer-Tengler does not use models but instead crafts a personalized portfolio based on each client’s unique long-term goals and risk tolerance. “They’re all custom, and we invest directly in stocks—we don’t put our clients in other funds.” This attention to personal needs as well as the dedication to transparency means that many of Nancy’s clients have been working with her for over a decade. Nancy credits her success in both managing and teaching to her ability to be nimble, agile, and humble She is dedicated to financial education. “You have to be able to look at the portfolio each day and make a decision about the best position you want to be in while juggling competing narratives and data. You have to be humble and be willing to change your mind, and this is why women make great investors because they are willing to change their minds. I met smart women with advanced degrees and impressive backgrounds but who knew nothing about their family finances and investments. I was determined to do my part to change that. We tend to excuse ourselves from the conversation when we should be involved, so I love the opportunity to work with families, spouses, and children.”


Advisory services offered through Laffer Tengler Investments, Inc. All investments include risk, including the possibility of loss of principal.



Nancy Tengler

Chief Investment Officer — Laffer/Tengler Investments


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