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Nathaliah appears in the

Top 100 People in Real Estate and Top 50 Women magazines.

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Nathaliah Naipaul  


From her beginnings in the development industry at age 21, Nathaliah Naipaul became a master of balancing a successful career and family. She was an instrumental piece in building the property development division in her family’s business, securing both regional and multinational tenants such as Courts, Starbucks, KFC, and Ashley furniture.


On moving to Texas, Nathaliah continued as an Advisor for her family while virtually owning and managing two fitness centers in Trinidad, operating her UPS franchise in Houston and raising her young children. Her passion for real estate and commitment to client satisfaction inspired her to become a certified real estate agent and Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM).


In doing so, Nathaliah aimed to formally learn every aspect of the industry, to build upon the knowledge acquired in her native country and deliver a novel experience to her clients. This became a motivating factor when she realized the challenge faced by women in the commercial real estate sector, and helped shaped her vision of providing a knowledgeable, interactive and personal experience for her clientele and how that would be the differentiator in the industry.


Today, Nathaliah is the CEO and partner of XAG Group, one of Houston's leading development and private equity firms.  As a fundamental pillar of the group, she employs her extensive work experience to uphold the company’s mission to create value and sustainability for their clients with humility and integrity. This value system is especially evident in the newest division of the company portfolio, XAG Properties.


Nathaliah and her partner created XAG Group in 2017, where she currently manages a portfolio above $70M and has closed over $25M in assets. Her firm's highly qualified agents can assist with sourcing lenders, contractors, property acquisitions, closings, and management, as well as commercial development. Nathaliah explains that "All agents at XAG Properties are dedicated to going the extra mile for clients, where every aspect of the business and environment is considered, to ensure our investments and developments offer a high ROI while fostering a long-lasting relationship and providing superior services to everyone we work with."




Nathaliah Naipaul

CEO and Partner

XAG Group



2022 Update:

When we last spoke with Nathaliah back in 2021, the XAG Group CEO was working on implementing a core value system focused on humility and integrity across her boutique-style real estate firm in the Houston, Texas market area. In the time since then and under the stewardship of Nathaliah, the XAG Group has seen tremendous growth with staff count increasing by half a dozen members and the addition of three new major commercial projects to the group's portfolio, one of which will expand the firm's reach into the Youngsville, Louisiana area. Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, the firm remains committed to providing their residential and commercial clients with personalized and attentive service.


Along with overseeing a stunning $80 million portfolio, Nathaliah is also spending her time mentoring not only the new additions to her staff, but also students at the University of Houston who are qualified real estate agents and working on getting their CCIM. In both cases, she draws on her considerable expertise and past experiences to provide them with solid career advice in combination with her honesty and humility, which her clients have come to appreciate so much. Through her mentoring work and in her role, Nathaliah is aiming to give guidance and mold a successful career for the younger generation who are interested in stepping into the commercial real estate world.


This dedication to helping others is very evident in how the XAG Group continues to do business. "We are an evergreen customer-focused and service-oriented firm first, bringing our personalized approach to our clients and the communities we serve," Nathaliah says. This transcends across the entire end-to-end development process of the business, helping their ever-growing clientele add unrealized value to their projects by providing a one stop shop of services they need, inclusive of sourcing and recommending lenders and contractors, as well as project and tenant management. Nathaliah's experience allows her to uniquely understand the many facets of the real estate process as well as the perspective of her clients. While her multifaceted career has earned her numerous awards and published articles, she is a humble leader with a simple philosophy, "I never work a day in my life, because I love what I do."

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