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Nathan Demosthenes

With over $8.8 billion in revenue as of 2019 and upwards of 53,000 employees, Cushman & Wakefield of Chicago, Illinois, is a thriving force in global commercial real estate services. The firm, which represents tenants, landlords, private ownerships, and national institutional groups, is among the world's largest in their field.


Nathan Demosthenes, director of Cushman & Wakefield, has been with the company for 2 years but as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he has yet to complete a full uninterrupted year with the company. In spite of that impediment, and in the short amount of time spent, he has generated $200-$250 million worth of real estate throughout Orange County and San Francisco markets.


The young industry expert, with over eight years of commercial real estate experience in San Francisco and Orange County, is taking the southern real estate industry by storm. He leads his team in offering top-of-the-line real estate cycle and portfolio analysis, acquisition, and disposition advice, 1031 exchange scenarios, and real-time market information. Through use of his expertise and extensive knowledge of these services, he has devised innovative marketing strategies to promote properties in different avenues, generating significant results for his clients by allowing them to surpass their goals while achieving record breaking numbers. Nathan triumphed over all obstacles in the path to where he now victoriously stands. When tragedy struck the nation on 9/11, Nathan made the decision to change his initial plan to become a pilot. He opted to become a full-time firefighter while working part time in real estate. While finishing his schooling and working as an explore/reserve for Cal Fire and towards his certification, he quickly became more inclined towards real estate. After securing his license, he jumped into commercial real estate full time.


Hired as a non-agent to cold call around 100 people per day and working on weekends to generate leads for brokers, his first run in real estate was not without difficulty. Nonetheless, he began working for a boutique firm in South San Francisco, developing clientele of his own. Nathan recalls, “It was sink or swim.” His first couple of years were all about staying afloat, which he managed to do by closing a few deals. However, by year three, he was flourishing, awarded the title of Top Producing Firm and Broker of 2016-2020. Nathan moved to Orange County mid-2019 and started working for Cushman Wakefield, one of the top three commercial real estate firms in the world. In this new market, Nathan has hit the ground running. This year, he has $120 million in sales; $28 million in October alone, and $115 million expected to close by year’s end.  His surmounting ability to expand on his success in spite of the economic crisis accompanying the pandemic can be attributed to his strategic marketing and strong team, built within his first six months with the firm and expected to grow to a total of seven members as he continues to soar Cushman & Wakefield to new heights.

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