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Nathan L. Teinert

After selling dozens of businesses worth millions over his 12-year career in private equity and eight-year career in mergers and acquisitions, Nathan L. Teinert could write a book about business brokers and what they have to offer both buyers and sellers—so he did. Drawing on his previous experience, as well as his current role as CEO and business broker at Graystone International, Nathan shares his in-depth knowledge of buying and selling businesses with those interested in the process, but who might not know where to start, which he also does for his in-person clients at Graystone. After debuting only three months ago, Ready to Exit, A Business Sellers’ Handbook, is experiencing the same success and popularity that Graystone has enjoyed since its own debut. That’s because Nathan knows how to develop his rapidly growing team into world-class brokers to meet their ever-increasing demand from business owners. Working with buyers and sellers, Nathan is also uniquely equipped to advise clients positioning their businesses for a future exit and has led many speaking events on the subject. “A lot of business owners don’t even know there are business brokers to assist with the business selling process,” he explains. “As we’re working to become the most recognized name in the world in this space, we wanted to extend our reach beyond our firm.” After just a few years of serving clients, Graystone has become a recognized name in the industry and is already conducting M&A transactions valued at up to $100 million.


Graystone International brings a team approach to meet the needs of both buyers and sellers across multiple industries around the U.S. and internationally, and works solely on commission so clients don’t spend a dime unless they get results. For sellers, their proactive, proprietary system includes an in-house marketing team as well as access to their buyer network, which allows them to pinpoint the right match. For buyers, they dig deep to find the best vetted, on- and off-market opportunities, and continually build their network of buyers to pair with those looking to sell. “Our goal is to ensure no missed opportunities,” Nathan says.


Graystone International has been seeing incredible growth since its launch. “I think one of the primary advantages is the relationships we have with buyers,” Nathan says of their rapid progress. “One thing we’ve always believed is if you have the buyers, the sellers will come. We spend a lot of time building relationships with private equity firms and family offices that are suitable prospects for our clients. We have a good rapport and a large network, so our conversion rate is high.” Their process is also key; thanks to Nathan’s experience and his team’s talent, Graystone helps business owners sell their businesses in only a few short months. “We don’t just post ‘business for sale’ online and wait for sellers to come. We have strategic buyers in place that are ready to buy a healthy company promptly.” They’ve been so successful doing this that a good portion of their business is referral-based.


Nathan believes not only in the power of Graystone’s in-house marketing team and vast buyer network as something that sets the firm apart, but also in the energy and passion he and his team have for what they do. “This industry can be very outdated with old-school practices, but we take an innovative approach,” Nathan says. He also recognizes the sheer impact these transactions can have. “This is usually a once-in-a-lifetime event, and it’s very emotional and personal, and we understand that. Our clients get a sense of comfort when they talk to us because of the passion that we have for what we do.”


Nathan L. Teinert

CEO & Business Broker — Graystone International