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Neeraj appears in the Top 100 

Canadian Professionals Magazine

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Neeraj Mathur


Neeraj Mathur, a business leader in the technology field, started his career at Deloitte after graduating from one of India’s top universities. During his tenure at Deloitte in the U.S. and later in Canada, he was responsible for leading business transformation at various multinational and Fortune 500 clients. After a decade in consulting, Neeraj transitioned to take on a leadership position at the pharmaceutical giant Sanofi, initially managing their industrial technology operations across the Americas and eventually moving into a global digital strategy role at Sanofi’s headquarters in France.


In 2016, Neeraj decided to return to Canada and bring his expertise to the healthcare non-profit sector, joining SickKids Foundation as a vice president to lead their digital transformation. “I had years of international experience as a change leader, so what attracted me was the opportunity to make an impact on a sector that had not yet experienced digital disruption,” he said. Around the same time, Neeraj developed a keen interest in blockchain technology and after several years of investing in the space, he co-founded Mudra Capital in 2021 to help investors navigate the complexities of digital assets. Mudra Capital is a Delaware-based digital asset management firm that serves accredited U.S. investors.


Neeraj also generously shares his vast knowledge by advising business leaders and publishing a technology newsletter. “For me, it is all about delivering on the potential of technology to improve business and society. That has been the north star of my journey for the past 25 years,” he said.



Neeraj Mathur

Business & Technology Leader



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