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Neil Solomon

If you ask Neil Solomon what he considers the most critical key to success, the 30-year finance veteran will tell you it’s the importance of company culture. “Culture is not just a word or something you put on a sign,” he explains. “It’s something we build and maintain, with intentionality, every single day.” As president and CEO of Florida-based real estate investment firm, PropertyForce, Neil is equally focused on maximizing shareholder value and building upon the company’s dedication to helping their team flourish, which has garnered a trifecta of recognitions as a Great Place to Work-Certified™. “Our culture is our defining factor,” he shares. “It’s one of caring, connection, communication, consistency, and, most importantly, one that values the highest degree of character.” Those values extend to their clients as well, through a commitment to supporting investors in their search for ideal properties, and to helping them acquire the most valuable residential real estate to achieve their investment goals.

Founded in 2006, PropertyForce has reimagined the process of real estate investing by leveraging innovative technology to simplify investor acquisitions and showcase unique, off-market opportunities. While the firm has executed tens of thousands of deals, Neil sees these not as numbers, but as part of the wide swath of people they serve. “I think of ‘community’ as our shareholders, colleagues, clients, and the actual community,” he states. “We’re very focused on giving back, which speaks to our mission statement of providing personal financial freedom for our partners, who are these four groups.”

As a company that champions the notion of “be your best self” and fosters a prosperous, inspiring work environment, its rapid growth from 14 to 80 employees in just two years is a clear testament of its dedication to its core values. “I’ve never been part of any organization that brings together such a diverse group,” Neil states. “Watching so many people in our company on this tremendous career trajectory has been extraordinary.”

Neil holds a bachelor’s degree in accounting from the University of Florida. Previously, he was a strategic advisor to community banks, and the founder of the CRA Qualified Investment Fund, a mutual fund with more than $3 billion in assets under management serving more than 500 financial institutions across the nation.

Neil Solomon

President and CEO — PropertyForce




Instagram: @propertyforce

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