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Nene Judy Akintan

Not many people can boast a 20-year real estate career that spans two continents and three countries, but Nene Akintan most surely can. Her journey into real estate started with buying and selling properties in her home country of Nigeria, thanks to growing up with parents who were real estate investors. In 2001, her husband’s career path led to Canada and although Nene wasn’t thrilled to give up real estate or her successful, upscale boutique, she acceded. “I didn’t want to move because I was doing so well and I didn’t want to leave my friends and family, so although I went, I did so under protest. It turned out to be the best decision I could have made,” she recalls.


In 2003, Nene and her family moved from Canada to Maryland, where she got her real estate license while working in financial services, as well as on a second master’s degree while raising two children. Then, in 2008, Nene and her family moved back to Canada, where she now utilizes her diverse skills in real estate to provide peace of mind for those with similar multi-national experiences.


Once Nene found her footing in Canada, she realized that the environment was a natural fit, although it was not without challenges. “I was a Black woman with an accent. I had to convince people to not only work with me, but that I was the best choice,” she says. But with her “HIT” motto—honesty, integrity, and tenacity—she not only convinced them, but she’s been winning the hearts and minds of residential, and most recently, commercial real estate clients ever since. “I have a default market in the Nigerian community, which has expanded over the past 12 years that we’ve been in Oakville. Because I’ve already experienced their journeys, I can help them as a concierge realtor and make their paths easier than mine was.”


Nene works with first-time home buyers, investors, seniors, and sellers but to her, real estate is not just a paycheck. She is grateful that she is able to assist clients and guide them to make smart decisions. “I’m very forthright and have no reservations about telling a buyer to walk away from a million-dollar property and buy something cheaper if it makes more sense financially. Even if it erodes my bottom line, I’m offering the best service possible and I’m able to sleep well at night knowing I did my best for my clients.”


In addition to her thriving career, Nene, along with family, engages in numerous humanitarian projects, something also inspired by her parents. She and her children co-run the nonprofit, I Am. I Can. I Will, which engages, educates, and empowers Black youth and women in Canada and Nigeria. Nene also works with the local authorities on addressing systemic racism and bias, is the vice chair of the Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce, and is one of the creators of Oakville-Nigerian Culture Day. She shares, “My greatest achievements are not job-related. They are with my family and in my community.”


Nene Judy Akintan

Broker — Century 21 Dreams Inc. Brokerage





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