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  • The International Top 100 Magazine

These publications often appear under a search for "Top 100 Magazine" although we have no affiliation with them.


Our publications are produced by Redwood Media Group and we have NO complaints or negative feedback.


Before signing on with any publisher claiming to be "The Top 100 Magazine" be sure to check their website.

If the web address is not, it is not us.


Company: That's Great News

Complaints: Spam, Harassing Telephone Calls, Deceptive Practice

It has come to our attention that the company, That's Great News, is using our branding and content in an effort to deceive our clients into purchasing plaques.

The Top 100 Magazine is not affiliated with That's Great News and we have not given them authorization to use or reproduce anything from our publications or website. We NEVER share our member's contact details with any outside entity. 

Based on what we have learned so far, That's Great News collects content and contact details from our magazine and then calls or emails published members under the pretense that they are from The Top 100 Magazine.

We are pursuing legal action against this company but a quick Google search returns so many prior lawsuits and complaints, that we believe nothing short of criminal prosecution will provide relief from their unethical and deceptive actions. 

If you are solicited by That's Great News, please do not provide your credit card information

You can forward unwanted (spam) emails to this address: Federal Trade Commission at 

You can add your number to the national Do Not Call Registry here:

You can file a complaint with the Attorney General of Connecticut by clicking HERE

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