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Nick Bour

When Nick Bour talks about wealth management and financial planning with his clients, he thinks big picture and encourages them to do the same. Everything he does as a full-service financial planning expert is done with the clients’ best interests in mind, no matter where they’re starting from. “There are way too many people that live the ‘what-ifs’,” Nick says, “meaning they’re scared to spend their money because what if they need it for something else. A goal of ours is to instill confidence to let that people live and create memories and not worry about those ‘what-ifs.’” With clients throughout the U.S., Nick is dedicated to helping people live their dream lives, whether it’s the retirement they’ve worked hard to achieve or helping them get out from under debt to pursue their dreams.


As a CLTC, Nick’s financial planning is long-term for each client, and includes wealth enhancement strategies as well as mitigating taxes, wealth transferring, and wealth protection. With 20 years of financial experience, having served for over a decade with larger financial firms and five years as an independent advisor, he provides both the expertise and the personal connection that each client needs. He’s been featured in a number of media outlets, including ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, and MarketWatch, and has had an article published offering tips on wealth management, including advanced planning, one of his own specialties.


With his uniquely broad expertise, Nick stands out from other advisors in that he uses a dynamic approach to address the concerns of families and businesses. “A lot of financial advisors stop at just investing, but I focus on relationship management as well as advanced planning,” Nick says. And he sees critical facets that many other advisors might not. “I met someone at a workshop with four financial planners managing different accounts, but he came to the workshop because he needed help with tax planning, something none of the four advisors did for him. It’s something I see all the time: Planners stop at investment consulting and management, and don’t actually plan.”


Another distinctive area of specialization that separates Nick from the seas of advisors is his focus on wealth protection and retirement-income planning. “I think the in-depth analysis and planning I do ensure my clients’ monthly income needs are covered, which helps put their minds at ease and realize their retirement dreams,” he explains. Because of his expertise, an increasing number of people specifically looking for advanced planning—including tax mitigation strategies and both wealth protection and retirement-income planning—continue to reach out for Nick’s help. “I paint a retirement roadmap for our clients and help them fulfill that dream. I dig deeper than most professionals in the industry,” he says. 


And for each and every one of them, Nick maintains the higher level of care for which he has been known throughout his entire career. “I’ve worked as part of a team for some remarkable financial companies and as an independent advisor, serving hundreds of clients across the country, and what has always driven me is my sincere desire to help people,” he shares. “I’m not just a suit managing their money. I care deeply about them and their families. This is what drives me every single day.”


Nick Bour

Wealth Management and Financial Planning Advisor


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