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Nick Cantrell, CFP®, ChFC®, CSRIC™, CLU®

With over 14 years of experience as a financial planner, Nick Cantrell, CFP®, ChFC®, CLU®, CSRIC™, brings an independent, holistic approach to planning and investing, with a specialization in helping clients to align their assets with their values. In fact, he is one of only a few hundred Chartered SRI Counselors in the nation and is one of only a handful of people who are also Certified Financial Planners™. After achieving such a rare combination of designations, it came as no surprise when Forbes named him a Top Next-Gen Wealth Advisor for three consecutive years (2017-2019). Then, in 2020, Nick founded his own company, Green Future Wealth Management—an independent financial services firm based in Worcester, MA with multiple offices throughout the region. Rather than focusing solely upon investing, as many sustainability focused advisors do, Nick delves deeper by exploring comprehensive financial planning, tax planning, charitable giving, risk management, and estate planning. Nick recently met with The Top 100 Magazine to tell us more about his company and the different services he offers.


How did you become interested in finance and wealth management?


I was introduced to the industry by my father who is now in his mid-70s. He is still an active planner with his own independent firm, which is still taking on new clients. Growing up, I would help with the filing and any other small jobs he asked me to do, but I had no interest in following in his footsteps. Instead, I became a classical musician—a bassoonist. I taught music in the public schools but found that I wasn’t able to scratch that entrepreneurial itch that I have always had. Financial planning was a natural choice for me to pivot to in my 20’s because I found that I had a pretty deep base of knowledge from all those years working with my father.  


When did you get your start as a wealth advisor?


I started my career in 2007, about a year before the global financial crisis. I had to build my network because I was new to the business and had also just moved to a state where I didn’t know anyone. I was 26 years old, with no experience and no clients just working hard every day trying to build my business. I found that the best way to grow my practice is by spending every day focused on helping others. Over the years, clients have introduced me to other clients who need help, who in turn have introduced me to others, which is how I have grown a practice of clients who are frequently introducing me to other people I can help. In 2020, I decided to leave the very large, multi-billion dollar firm I was affiliated with to launch Green Future Wealth Management, where I could really focus on my passions of sustainable investing and financial planning.


Is there a story behind the name Green Future Wealth?

When I was launching my firm, my first inclination was to name it “Cantrell Financial.” However, my brilliant wife hated the name because “the only thing it tells me about your company is what your last name is.” Of course, she was right, so I spent some time thinking about who I was trying to help and how. We are future focused—manifesting what we want financially and personally— so I wanted a name that referenced both the environment and sustainability while focusing on what is in front of us. My primary focus is on sustainability and wealth—creation, preservation, and stewardship—both financially and environmentally. Clients have really connected with the name, the logo, the website, and the bigger picture of building a “Green Future” for themselves.

How much has the company grown over the past year?


There has already been a significant amount of growth. I am adding more people and we just move into a new space after outgrowing our first office within the first year—despite starting out in the middle of a pandemic. It has been a tremendous undertaking because there’s an overwhelming demand, and I have people reaching out to me on a daily basis. I’ve also partnered with an estate planning attorney who works with a lot of art collectors and business owners, many of whom want to align their assets with their values, so there is quite a bit of synergy there. The ability for clients to access high end tax and estate planning right down the hall has been a real value add for my clients.


What other types of clients do you serve?


I serve an extremely wide variety of people. When I founded Green Future, it was important to me that I not require a minimum asset threshold in order for clients to work with me. I believe deep down that the work that I do improves client’s lives, and I didn’t want to create barriers to clients receiving the help that they need. My goal is to help everyone build their wealth and improve their lives, although the services I provide to an investor who is just getting started or new to investing may look very different from a family who has tens of millions of dollars and has more complex tax, investment, and estate planning needs. In addition to artists, musicians, and writers, I serve quite a few academics and a fair number of business owners as well. A significant portion of my clients have inherited wealth and are really trying to navigate how to effectively manage their assets in a manner that is in harmony with their values, while also taking care of the bigger picture planning that is necessary when you have inherited wealth.


It sounds like you’ve come a long way over the past 12 months. To what do you attribute Green Future’s growth?


First, there is an insatiable demand for the type of investment management and financial planning that I specialize in. It’s difficult for people to navigate comprehensive, sustainable wealth management by themselves, and they have a hard time finding qualified professionals with the expertise to assist. I think that I am one of the few advisors that regularly receive emails from prospective clients who have found me online and are reaching out to asking to become clients, simply based on the specialization and expertise I have in sustainable investing. Second, I continue to receive a ton of referrals from existing clients who are telling others about my approach and the different kinds of services I have to offer. I believe clients refer me to their friends and family because they are making investments that fit what matters most to them. Many people are thinking critically about issues such as environment and sustainability, racial injustice, gender inequities, LGBTQ rights, and many others. I help clients to manifest their values in their investments, charitable giving, and bigger picture financial planning and to see them incorporated into all the different aspects of their lives. Going forward, I am planning for continued growth and scaling to a regional and one day national presence. The goal is to be a household name when people think of sustainability and investing.    




Nick Cantrell, CFP®, ChFC®, CSRIC™, CLU®

Founder, Wealth Advisor

Green Future Wealth Management





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