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Nick Schnyder

Nick Schnyder is an award-winning attorney who has represented over 1,000 clients in personal injury claims over the last decade, fiercely battling against corporate giants in his fight for what is right. In 2016, he founded Nick Schnyder Law Firm in Marietta, Georgia, as a sole practitioner on a mission to deliver justice and “right the wrongs” inflicted upon so many people. Today, it is considered one of the fastest-growing personal injury and workers’ compensation firms in the state and has won the Pacesetters Award, with a team of seven attorneys, a staff of 35, and two additional offices in Lawrenceville and Forest Park. Its trial attorneys handle personal injury litigation for nearly four dozen other law firms in Georgia, based on its experience with truck and vehicle accidents, catastrophic injuries, medical malpractice, and premises liability. With a reputation for delivering superior expertise and exceptional results, Nick and his team are at once compassionate legal advocates and relentless litigators driven by one thing, and one thing only—to get justice for injured people. And they’ve delivered more than $30 million for their clients. “We have the rare honor of representing human beings who have done absolutely nothing wrong against multibillion-dollar corporations, and we often make long-lasting, life-changing differences for our amazing clients,” he shares. “We love what we do, and at the end of the day, we’re unquestionably the good guys.”

Nick has always had a passion for helping people, and his determination to use the law to do so comes from a deeply personal place. As a young undergrad, being an attorney wasn’t even on his radar—until a personal catastrophe struck home. “While in school, I had three family members affected by medical malpractice, and this really became my driving force to decide to be an attorney,” he shares. From those tragic events rose a tireless drive to fight the good fight and secure justice for injured people and to build a team of attorneys who shared his passion. “I wanted to provide superior legal representation that focuses on litigation for as many people as needed,” Nick explains. “In addition, I wanted to provide an incredible, inclusive workplace to draw in the greatest talent available.” He has succeeded in doing precisely this, and for those he and his group of formidable lawyers represent, the impact on their lives is immeasurable.

For his skill, commitment, leadership, and passion, in 2022, Nick was named to the elite list of Georgia Rising Stars. And while the honor of such an esteemed award cannot be diminished, it is not the accolades that drive Nick, but the people he serves. “I love what I do, and I am the first in the office every day before the sun comes up. It’s not hard to do good work when you love it. Every aspect means something to me and that drives me to do my absolute best to make a difference in their lives,” he shares.

Nick is a member of the American Association for Justice, Multi-Million Dollar Advocates Forum, and the Georgia Trial Lawyers Association Champion Level. He also has a charitable foundation for underprivileged children and teaches mock trial to children at Pope High School.

Nick Schnyder

Founder & Owner
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