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Nick Talib

An experienced chief executive officer, Nick Talib holds over 20 years of demonstrated history within the financial services industry as well as a mortgage broker certification focused in financial services underwriting. Currently, Nick serves as president and CEO of Lend at Ease, a private mortgage firm based out of Ontario, Canada where he specializes in negotiation, budgeting, banking, credit analysis, and customer relationship management.


Although he has always worked within financial services, Nick was part of the banking sector until 2008 when he decided to make a change and get into the mortgage brokerage industry. That year, he accepted a position as head of compliance for a national mortgage brokerage company working alongside provincial regulators. (Canada has provinces as opposed to states, and each province has a regulator.) Through Nick’s dealings with provincial regulators at the mortgage brokerage company, he received the opportunity to work for the Ontario provincial government.


As a compliance officer, Nick then had the opportunity to become an instructor for the mortgage industry. After overcoming that final steppingstone, in 2011, Pamela Verma and Nick opened their own mortgage brokerage firm in Vaughan. Heavily referral based, Lend At Ease, focuses on building relationships with both lenders and borrowers. The firm employs and provides support for over 30 licensed mortgage agents who specialize in commercial, prime, and private lending. 


Pamela, who serves as the company’s vice president, primarily focusses on customer relations and enforcing ethical practices while Nick focuses on ensuring compliance within the brokerage. However, they both take pride in maintaining positive, long-term relationships with clients, and both are firm believers in the “quality vs. quantity” ideology. As part of their mortgage financing services, Nick & Pamela main focus is to educate clients on their mortgage options in providing suitable product for each individual need.


They apply the same logic with their mortgage agents - “We welcome the challenge in training new eager agents who are looking for a reliable brokerage which they can proudly represent,” says Nick.


On the other side of the business, Nick has his own consulting firm where he provides other firms from his industry support and guidance throughout Ontario and keeps them informed and up to date on the current regulations. No matter which firm he is leading, Nick takes pride in giving everyone a fair chance and never worries about competing against anyone. He explains, “We just want to serve our clients and support our agents to the best of our ability. Their satisfaction and constant support aren’t just part of my job; they’re also among my greatest rewards in life.”



Nick Talib

President and CEO, Lend At Ease

22-603 Millway Avenue, Vaughan, Ontario L4K 3T9 Canada

Instagram: @LendAtEase

Facebook:   ꟾ   @LendAtEase


Twitter: @LendAtEase12257

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