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Nicole M. Deters, PFP

With nearly three decades of diverse finance industry experience, Nicole M. Deters, PFP, is an investment advisor who continues to raise the bar through elevated service offerings, client communication, continued education, and philanthropic work. She is committed to understanding the needs of her clients and to providing them with the in-depth analysis and personalized solutions necessary for achieving their financial goals. Nicole is a partner at Harbourfront Wealth Management and Harbourfront Wealth America and a principal of her own financial team, Gilman Deters Private Wealth. With over 69 years of combined experience in investments, insurance, retirement, taxation and estate planning, her team is committed to delivering the best possible experience to their wide range of clients. Through their offices in the Comox Valley and West Vancouver, Canada, Gilman Deters Private Wealth employs sophisticated wealth management strategies to help clients protect, grow, and pass on their estates to future generations.


Originally in pursuit of a chartered accountant designation, Nicole was lured into the financial services industry after recognizing her interest in finance was much broader than one area of practice. She branched out and took employment with the first independent mutual fund distributor in Canada. This small boutique advisory firm offered a holistic approach to providing service and ensured that the entire complex picture of the client was handled—mortgage financing, risk management, investment advisory services, tax accounting services, and more. It was this firm that instilled a foundation for the values Nicole demonstrates today which includes accountability, honesty, integrity, professionalism, and desire to work hard to continually raise the standards of client accommodations. In 2005, she established an “exclusive to wealth clients” income tax preparation service that to this day, specializes in tax planning and business succession planning.


Then, in January 2019, Nicole made the most paramount decision of her career—becoming a partner of Harbourfront Wealth Management and branding the wealth team of Gilman Deters Private Wealth. After building a storefront for her practice, she hand-selected a skilled administrative team that would capture the talent for supporting small businesses and high-net-worth clientele. In addition to their in-house portfolio managers and long-term industry administrative staff, the team contracts out to mortgage specialists and estate planning lawyers as required. Nicole also mentors small businesses and sees them from the infancy stage of their B-to-B vision to their completion—a level of involvement that is difficult to find within the industry.


Under Nicole’s leadership, Gilman Deters Private Wealth is also looking toward the future and building out its team and range of expertise. “We currently have two business outlets and growth plans to open at least one more storefront—if not two—on Vancouver Island,” says Nicole. “I hope to remain in this industry for at least 15 more years, and I would never do that without keeping the bar raised”.


In her free time, Nicole leverages her accounting background, taxation base, culture, and values to participate in philanthropy. She is an innovative community leader who works with local charities, nonprofits, and boards of directors to give them fresh perspectives on their sustainability and revenue assets. Nicole educates them and is their advocate in creating and implementing plans unique to their organizations. For the past two years—especially throughout COVID—she has provided as much support as possible to help them meet their financial capital targets.


Nicole is both securities and insurance licensed in multiple provinces within Canada. She is also currently enrolled in an Estate and Trust MTI professional designation program through the Canadian Securities Institute. As a lifelong learner, she finds it rejuvenating to continue her education at this stage in her career and to serve her clients to the best of her ability.




Nicole M. Deters, PFP

Investment Advisor

Gilman Deters Private Wealth



Facebook: Gilman Deters Private Wealth

Instagram: @GilmanDetersPrivateWealth

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