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Nicole Marisol Mejia Rosillo

Nicole Marisol Mejia Rosillo was born and raised in Lima, Peru. Motivated by her interest in the financial markets and with the support of Leoncio Mejia, Marisol Medina, and Allison Mejia, she emigrated to the U.S. and matriculated to Northeastern University at just 15 years old, ultimately graduating cum laude with a BSBA in finance and accounting and minor in business analytics. Nicole’s experience includes roles in fintech, finance, and accounting for multinational corporations in Boston and New York and she is adept at financial management and modeling, research analysis, database management and migration, tax reconciliation, assess management, QA testing, and more.

In 2020, during the height of the pandemic, Nicole returned to Peru, where she hit the ground running, founding NMR Real Estate with her associates. NMR focuses on residential development in and around Lima, and with two buildings under construction, one to be rented and one to be sold, their sights are set on creating sustainable, affordable housing. To achieve this, her first step is to attract clientele with higher incomes to generate profit before pivoting to those with lower incomes. “Peruvians aim to have their own homes, but because the average salary is very low, most can’t afford it,” Nicole explains. And it’s not just affordability that she wants for Lima citizens, but also safety, as many buildings in the region are susceptible to earthquake damage due to their deficiency in safety code requirements.

Thanks to Nicole’s strong work ethic and desire to effect change, NMR has attained measurable success. “I want to give back to my country, as it is often overlooked. I also enjoy seeing my visions become reality while helping people find work, especially during the pandemic,” she says. And the impact she’s making is exactly what drives her as a developer and business owner.

Upon receiving her M.S in ERM from Columbia University, Nicole plans to expand NMR Real Estate’s footprint to include Florida, where she will undoubtedly replicate the success, she had in Peru. 


Nicole Marisol Mejia Rosillo

Co-Founder — NMR Real Estate


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