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Founder & Owner, Hermsdorf Law, LLC 

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Nicole Wood Hermsdorf, Esq., LL.M

When nothing is certain, anything is possible,” is the motto that drives attorney, Nicole Wood Hermsdorf, and she is the very embodiment of it. Attorney Hermsdorf is the founder and owner of Hermsdorf Law, LLC., in Newburyport, Massachusetts, which specializes in divorce litigation and mediation. She holds both a Juris Doctorate degree (J.D.) and a Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in financial law. Attorney Hermsdorf’s past experience includes working as a director and associate general counsel for Citibank for over 14 years. She also worked at a top ten law firm in New York, focusing on high-net-worth clientele.


Attorney Hermsdorf had achieved all she wanted and had what she thought was the perfect life, until it all came crashing down and she went through a tumultuous and unexpected divorce. Where most might be defeated, Attorney Hermsdorf took her pain and literally turned it into her passion. She left the corporate world behind and became a trained mediator and conciliator in Massachusetts. She took every possible divorce course offered. In 2018, she took a giant leap of faith, went in the red as a single mother of twin girls, and opened her own solo law firm. 


For her growing number of clients, Attorney Hermsdorf is a fearless litigator, a compassionate advocate, and an empathetic champion who knows what it takes to win.  She empowers her clients with the information they need to help them move forward.  She brings a wealth of expertise in financial law that most divorce attorneys do not have, which gives her clients an immeasurable advantage, particularly when involved in a high-net-worth divorce with complex financial issues. Yet, with her unique arsenal of knowledge, Attorney Hermsdorf points to finer characteristics as the source of her triumphs. “I attribute it not so much to my knowledge, but to my preparedness and willingness to listen to my clients,” she explains. To this end, she prepares extensively for each case, devising winning strategies on behalf of the many grateful people she serves. “I’ve been through it myself,” she says. “I give my clients hope.”


Attorney Hermsdorf regularly volunteers for the Lawyer of the Day Program in the Essex Probate and Family Court. She is also a trained advocate for the Jeanne Geiger Crisis Center in Newburyport, Massachusetts.


Attorney Hermsdorf has already made a big splash in the divorce industry, and she continues to be a trailblazer, both personally and professionally.


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Nicole Wood Hermsdorf

Founder & Owner —   Hermsdorf Law, LLC 




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