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Nicolette appears in the Top 100

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Nicolette Laros

Nicolette Laros might not have started On The Spot (OTS) Mobile Detailing, but she is the one who catapulted it into being the successful business it is today. With a decade of business experience from a career that includes roles as a logistics and supply chain manager to director of operations, Nicolette, along with her husband Darren, took the leap in June of 2020 and rebuilt OTS from the ground-up, officially launching it in its current form in January of 2021. In just six months, they took it from a company with only one van and little reach, to a flourishing establishment that’s doubled in size, serving roughly 200 customers a month in the greater Albuquerque area all the way to Santa Fe, with bookings extending a month or more in advance. Their growing customer base includes not only many repeat customers, but dealerships, auto body shops, insurance companies, and various New Mexico’s fire department and ambulance systems—all clamoring for the exceptional services for which they’ve already become known.


On The Spot Mobile Detailing offers interior and exterior mobile detailing on all makes and models of vehicles, specializing in paint correction and ceramic coating. They also come to the customer’s location for maximal convenience. “Our radius keeps expanding to meet the increased demand from word of mouth about our services,” Nicolette says. “We’re investing in additional vans and plan to develop a line of On The Spot products to keep up with demand and projecting growth to quadruple by mid-summer,” she says. Nicolette attributes the growth to the incredible partnership she shares with her husband. “Our areas of expertise complement each other, from marketing to finances to the finer details. All the companies I’ve been with in the past have been small, growing companies, so I have the experience to draw from.” But beyond her expertise is the true spirit of an entrepreneur who revels in running her own business. “Every single day it’s something new and just growing by leaps and bounds.”


Nicolette Laros

Owner & CEO — On the Spot Automotive Detailing



Instagram: onthespotdetailingnm

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