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Nihad McBride

A successful entrepreneur and CEO with multiple careers in corporate finance, risk management, and business transformation, Nihad McBride is the founder and CEO of Acquence Solutions Inc., a boutique consulting firm based in Vancouver. Nihad and her team have been helping clients develop organizations and transform businesses in North America, Europe, Australia, and Africa for the last two decades.

Nihad, adaptable and strategic, successfully delivered a multifaceted amalgamation project for a multi-billion dollar organization in the financial services industry but laying off associates set her on a different journey. She founded Acquence Solutions Inc., building on a solid career in finance; it wasn't difficult for her to pivot to business transformation. Nihad's passion is building strong organizations that can withstand change. "If a company has the right people, strategy, and processes, it will not succumb to economic downturns," Nihad explains. Her focus is on developing leaders and empowering teams so they can build stronger organizations.

Re-establishing her career in North America was her third time reinventing and expanding her network.  Nihad cut her teeth working for the global oil and gas Fortune 500, where she learned extraordinary finance skills. She facilitated joint ventures and pierced barriers to entry for the oil and gas industry in the U.K., Namibia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo.  She leads teams to the finish line, whether tackling different industries or launching new services. 

Consulting and solving challenges in organizational strategy, optimizing talent, and contributing to the community are some of Nihad's most valuable personas. Shortly after relocating to Vancouver, she mentored women who needed to re-enter the workforce, newcomers, and single mothers by helping create pathways to leadership. Mentoring and coaching are always a priority for Nihad, whether in the workplace or to support a not-for-profit organization.

Nihad refined her approach to business transformation, helping boards and senior executives improve their governance, risk management practices, and risk profiles. The exposure to so many different areas, clients, people, and organizations in four continents equipped her with the confidence and the knowledge to shift to her current niche—organizational excellence.

"To successfully deliver strategic change, one must uncover areas of misalignments," Nihad explains. The shift occurred after helping organizations expand internationally, execute turnarounds, investigations, and amalgamations. For example, suppose she is hired by a CEO who says the company has a great strategy with limited delivery and execution. In that case, Nihad will strive to partner with her clients to ensure the company culture, structure, and talent align with the vision and the strategic goals.


Nihad focuses specifically on empowering leaders by helping them understand each employee's unique needs and inner strengths and getting them pulling in the same direction. At the core of Nihad's approach is simplifying decision-making and improving communication to ensure agility and adaptability.  As part of her toolkit, Nihad leverages a solution initially developed for the U.S. Airforce in the 1940s. This scientifically validated tool leverages 60 years of data to provide reliable and actionable insights and position people and organizations for success. Since being certified in psychometrics in 2018, Nihad has been increasingly successful in building winning teams. Culture, values, diversity, and equity are central to her approach as she partners with her clients to design talent strategies to realize their vision.


Nihad is a highly adaptable expert who can pivot on a dime and a leader who is unafraid to tackle new industries and adopt innovative services. Her commitment to helping people, entrepreneurs, organizations is at the core of her professional journey. If anyone knows how to transform organizations and their people seamlessly, it's Nihad.



Nihad McBride

CEO and Founder

Acquence Solutions, Inc.




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