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Nikolas Schrobenhauser

After amassing over 13 years of professional experience, Nikolas Schrobenhauser carries an esteemed reputation as a senior business development and strategy professional. While setting strategic initiatives across investment products, sales, client services, and operations, Nikolas strives to promote innovation and to drive decision-making that sustains organizational progress and success.

Born in Mexico City, Nikolas grew up speaking Spanish. However, having spent much of his life living in the United States has given Nik a global perspective and a unique advantage; throughout his career he has helped spearhead efforts to raise money from Latin American clients, a difficult area of business for many.

In 2007, Nikolas began his career working for a hybrid management consulting firm before spending time as a U.S. equities trader. Eventually he would move into a business development role at Fund of Funds operator K2 Advisors, now part of Franklin Templeton. There, Nikolas worked to build out global business development efforts with a focus on private wealth clients before joining the hedge fund, Och-Ziff Capital Management, in 2013.  As a senior business development professional at Och-Ziff, Nik was focused on raising money from private wealth and institutional clients across the Americas.


In 2016, Nikolas joined Marshall Wace, a $40 billion hedge fund, to help lead their private wealth asset-raising efforts in the Americas. Eventually, Nik decided to make a career shift towards smaller asset managers when he joined a firm called Ameris Capital as a Partner and Head of North America Distribution.


Today, Nikolas serves as the senior director of business development for Infusive Asset Management, a global diversified asset management company with offices in New York City and London. The firm oversees a unique investment strategy that is centered upon human behavioral economics and the effects those behaviors have on consumer purchasing trends. Although his primary responsibility is to help raise assets, he approaches every interaction he has with a meaningful and substantial presence- both professionally and personally.



Nikolas Schrobenhauser

Senior Director of Business Development

Infusive Asset Management

One Grand Central Place

60 East 42nd Street, Suite 1840

New York, New York  10165



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