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Nikos Papadellis

Nikos Papadellis knows just how much a journey can shape not only a person, but a company.  As an early employee, key contributor, and organizational leader for Emergn, Nikos helped lead the firm to the accelerated growth and success story that it is today. Started with a handful of employees and lots of passion to help clients achieve their full potential, Emergn has become a successful global business operating in over 14 countries around the world.

Nikos served in many key roles at Emergn before becoming senior vice president of the company’s North American region, having already set up offices in Boston, MA, and in Bentonville, AR. Emergn is a digital business services firm that focuses on enterprise and workforce transformation, serving dozens of Fortune 500 companies. Through the use of their product technologies and cutting-edge practices, Emergn clients have not only been recognized for their company success but individually as industry innovators as well. As the recipient of many awards himself, Nikos is no stranger to accolades. However, he is most proud of those his clients have received. “Creating positive change and seeing my clients succeed is the biggest and most significant award I could get,” he says.

Hailing from Athens, Greece, Nikos holds degrees from top tier universities in civil engineering and renewable energy. Soon after, he joined the leading renewable energy investment consortium in Southeast Europe, focusing mainly on wind and solar. As a portfolio director, he oversaw the firm’s multifold increase and expansion. After getting his MBA, Nikos decided to move to management consulting and was offered positions in large firms, but instead chose to join Emergn in London, UK, in its early-growth stage in 2014. This was because of the company’s people, values, market position, and its vision for digital transformation. “We’re mission-driven to improve the way people and companies work. Forever,” he explains.

Nikos and Emergn are dedicated to transformative change and to educating their clients to create lasting outcomes by supporting the people who want to drive innovation forward. His commitment to transforming the way companies create value and user experiences is something Nikos takes seriously. “Strategy is important, but only a few companies successfully execute. We take our clients on a journey that helps them define and operationalize their strategy in a sustainable, scalable way by supporting them all the way through, from idea to impact.”


Nikos Papadellis

Senior Vice President, North America — Emergn



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