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Ning Duong

Ning Duong has always been a little bit rebellious. “I grew up in a traditional Hmong home where girls were raised to be good cooks and housewives in preparation for their future husbands and family,” she shares. But over the years, Ning found herself coming back to one question: why? The daughter of a Vietnam War veteran, she grew up poor,  and was motivated and inspired to become more. Ning found the courage to break the mold and chase after her dreams. “It was growing up and going to the bank with my parents, seeing the bankers in suits and heels that just took my breath away,” she shares. “At the time, I didn’t know what a banker was and just simply admired them as business men and women.” Now, it’s all come back around full circle. As COO of Credit Union West, Ning supports the company in their focus to help individuals and families reach their financial goals.


With the mission to inspire members, employees, and communities to achieve their financial goals and enhance their quality of life, the Arizona-based firm provides products and services for a growing membership of over 85,000. Their offerings include checking accounts, credit cards, personal and auto loans, mortgages, and business deposit products, among others. As COO, Ning has leadership oversight of branch locations, business services, contact center, marketing and communications, and operations support. She also helps create and implement programs that give back to the communities they serve. Named to the 2022 list of Top 50 Women Leaders of Arizona by Women We Admire, Ning remains steadfast in her dedication to helping the community and touching youths in her former shoes. “I fell in love with the credit union movement because of their philosophy that’s centered around people helping people,” she states. With the personal motto “The dream can always be bigger,” Ning continues to inform and inspire the next generation of emerging talent. 


Ning holds a bachelor of science in organizational leadership from Colorado State University, a Diversity & Inclusion Certificate from Cornell University, and a CUDE designation from the National Credit Union Foundation. She’s also in pursuit of a master’s in human resources and employment law from Arizona State University.


Ning Duong

Chief Operating Officer — Credit Union West