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Nykole Wyatt

When she got her master’s degree in public administration from NC Central University, Nykole Wyatt originally thought she would go into a public-sector job, but instead landed in real estate. She found that her education ended up helping her throughout her 10-year career, first as an office assistant and then manager, through getting her license six years ago and finally opening her own real estate company last year. Kole’s Keys Real Estate, located in Charlotte, North Carolina, serves clients in North and South Carolina, as well as in Georgia. In addition to the knowledge gained through her advanced academic accomplishments, Nykole has her ABR, SRS and GRI designations, and holds certification to teach real estate by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission. And while she seamlessly manages her growing firm and ushers her clients through the home-buying and home-selling journey, she continues to feed her pursuit of knowledge, currently working on her GRI designation.


In her office, Nykole handles all listings and first sales herself, and has an assistant as well as a transaction coordinator who helps with resales. Her growing team helps clients and brings their own business to the table. We believe that team work make the dream work,” states Nykole.  The business is primarily residential brokerage services for both buyers and sellers, but also does work with some commercial, rental, and development properties, and is looking to expand. “My agents have years of experience. They’re thorough and just great to work with, and they love what they do,” Nykole says. Along with two support staff members, her office handles everything, so she doesn’t need to outsource or refer clients out. In fact, she accepts all incoming referrals.


Despite opening her brokerage office in the midst of a global pandemic, Nykole and her team have seen steady growth and have been fortunate enough to be full-time in the industry that is riddled with ups and downs. Nykole attributes this to her open, honest, and transparent personality, and the fact that people are naturally drawn to her. Today, 98% of her business is referral-based. “I treat people the way I want to be treated,” she says. That includes being welcoming towards clients of all backgrounds. “I don’t exclude people based on their purchase or sell limit. I love first-time home buyers as well as luxury real estate,” she says. It also sometimes means being brutally honest. “I let people know things up front,” she says. “They might not like what I’m telling them, but I won’t lie to make them hear what they want. I believe that when you tell people the truth and lay out their options, it allows them to make the most informed decision and they will be better for it.”


Throughout her career, Nykole has been widely recognized for her success, including a write-up in Top Agent Magazine, Featured Agent Magazine, and being named a 40 Under 40 member by her alma mater in 2018 and ranked as America’s Top 100 Agent in 2020 and 2021, and was on the cover for Formidable magazine’s Power 20. She will grace the cover of Charlotte Magazine this December. VIP Global Magazine also recently wrote about Kole’s Keys Real Estate, calling them an “amazing start-up to watch.”


In addition to her professional success, Nykole partakes in a lot of charity and volunteer work, including but not limited to being a drive coordinator for the American Cancer Society and an after-school tutor with the Prodigal Son Foundation and Blossom Academy. Each holiday season, she collects and donates blankets for the homeless through her program called “Blanket Blessings”. She’s also the VP of the Charlotte chapter of her alumni association, currently serving a two year term.


Nykole leaves you with this…“you don’t have to be great to start, but you do have to start in order to be great. Let’s get started together and be great together.”



Nykole Wyatt

Broker & Realtor — Kole's Keys Real Estate



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