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Olaseni Bello: A Veteran on a Mission


Olaseni A. Bello is an attorney and an entrepreneur, a former U.S. Army combat veteran and JAG officer. He is a servant leader with the worldview of an immigrant and a passion for initiatives that address critical vulnerabilities on both the national and international level, particularly as it pertains to marginalized communities. Now he is combining his skill as a lawyer, his discipline as a soldier, and his global experience to launch a unique startup called CarpeMed—“Seize Your Medicine”—a company dedicated to ensuring health care safety and connectivity anywhere in the world. CarpeMed is an international travel medical search platform that serves travelers, who neither want nor are willing to, travel without the certainty of medical access. “I love the law, but it tends to look backwards and there are issues that the law historically hasn’t addressed well, such as access to healthcare and capital. I felt that business was tapping these areas much better,” he shares.

Olaseni founded CarpeMed in 2019, bringing his unique cross-function abilities sharpened as a captain in Afghanistan and refined as a vice president on the fast-paced foreign exchange trading floor at Morgan Stanley headquarters in New York. He brings a compassionate, holistic approach to focus on increasing healthcare accessibility to travelers. “I want to use technology as a change agent. If you traveled and an unexpected urgent health issue occurred, how would you find local, high quality, and in-language healthcare professionals? Furthermore, building out a safety travel companion allows a traveler to have access to critical health information, such as allergies, blood type, etc., and share that lifesaving information with trusted companions,” he explains.

Raised in Nigeria, Olaseni became a U.S. citizen while pursuing his law degree at Vermont Law School. While there, he served as Moot Court president and as part of the trial advocacy team, gaining valuable judicial insight while clerking for a judge. A naturalized citizen, he joined the army with his JD, where he combined his two passions; advocacy and service. As an army captain and JAG officer, Olaseni was entrusted with sensitive investigations involving human trafficking and misuse of government property in Bulgaria and Romania. He was assigned to one of the largest U.S. Army brigades, where he prosecuted 11 trials in 12 months with an astounding record of 10 victories and only one loss. Over his five and a half years in service, he gained extensive on-the-ground experience in conflict areas, including Afghanistan and Nigeria, and was awarded the Bronze Star for service in Afghanistan, where he served as chief of detention operations (RC-East).

He began his post-Army career in 2015 as vice president of the fixed-income trading floor in New York for Morgan Stanley, focusing on foreign exchange as the advisor for the Institutional Securities Group covering the Americas. In this role, he provided counsel on legal issues, such as regulatory requirements, internal policies, and best practices, and was responsible for updating policies and procedures to ensure compliance with FINRA rules. In 2018, he joined Wells Fargo as senior counsel for global capital markets, where he focused on the global FX exchange and negotiating contracts on behalf of the company.

In 2019, he left his successful career as an attorney to simultaneously launch CarpeMed and pursue his MBA at the University of California, Berkeley, Haas School of Business. Ever driven by his compassion and his unwavering commitment to serve, Olaseni leverages his experiences as an immigrant, a soldier, a lawyer, and, now, a founder of a company dedicated to improving the lives of others by aiming to move the needle on issues of importance.


Olaseni A. Bello, Jr., Esq.

MBA Candidate, Class of 2021

Haas School of Business

University of California, Berkeley

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/olaseni-a-bello-jr-esq/

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