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Olga Ayo

By 2016, Olga Ayo had studied law, marketing, and management around the world, from her native Slovakia to Hungary, Turkey to Hong Kong, but coming to Miami to study international arbitration was a real culture shock. Simply put: “When people come to the U.S., no one tells you where to go or what to do,” she says. Life only got more complicated when she became pregnant and her student visa expired, but she couldn’t apply for an optional training program with a newborn. “The immigration process is extremely costly and legal advisory is often not accurate, proper or on time,” she remembers. But she channeled the frustration into inspiration, and a way to help others—pivoting from arbitration to immigration law and turning her knowledge into Citizen Concierge.


Combining automated software for seamless form completion and personalized case management, Olga smooths the confusing transition for international clients looking for short-or long-term visas. Many are fellow attorneys who need complex work and investment visas. With firsthand knowledge of the immigration process and international experience, Olga approaches each case from a place of personal as well as legal understanding, elements that many similar services lack. While Olga’s academic achievements are myriad, she wants to impart a different kind of knowledge. “A master’s degree doesn’t teach you how to live a life properly,” she says. “I work with people to change the system.”


Olga holds degrees in marketing and management, and received multiple law degrees, including one from the University of Miami.


Olga Ayo

Founder & CEO — Citizen Concierge



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