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Omar appears in the 

Top 100 People in Finance

Omar Arab

Omar Arab has garnered more than 25 years of experience in the technology, banking, Fintech, and entrepreneurship industries. Throughout his career, he has held many professional leadership titles including managing director, chief executive officer, professor of entrepreneurship, board member, and ambassador. Today, Omar serves as the vice president of entrepreneurship and venture capital (EVP) corporate business at VeriTran in New York City,  where “advisory, creative, and technological capabilities are combined with an innovative culture and expert knowledge of the financial sector.”

Because the financial services industry does not have the time or people to create digital services from scratch, low code development is becoming a necessity. Fortunately, VeriTran, which was originally a Latin American company, is now global, with offices located in Argentina, Colombia, Buenos Aires, Mexico City, Lima, Santiago de Chile, Florida, and New York.  The company specializes in building applications for digital channels as well as speeding up and simplifying application development through their low-code platform.

The VeriTran platform currently runs in 50 banks, reaches more than 14 million users, and performs tens of billions of transactions globally. It allows the creation of applications in record time with a visual and intuitive model. As an added advantage, the low-code platforms can extend and update existing applications that were prebuilt saving both time and money. Omar explains, “Platforms like these enable institutions to easily modernize the way they develop enterprise apps in a fraction of the time of hand-coding, often with higher quality.” In fact, some accelerators can be freshened up without writing a single line of additional code.

Omar joined VeriTran in 2019 and led the landing of the company in the United States, building and designing the strategic go-to market plan. As vice president, his primary focus is on bringing forth innovative ideas that will utilize exponential technologies to meet the demands of the Transformational Digital Revolution. For example, in order to create infrastructure where it has previously been unstable, Omar challenges the public to leverage a “low-code” approach when developing new applications for facilitating payments and credit.


Prior to joining VeriTran, Omar founded a software company and served as CEO of Fintechs, digital banks, and payments companies.  In addition, he served as a professor of entrepreneurship and venture capital for the course, How to Build Startups, at the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Argentina (UTN). Omar also holds a degree in engineering systems from UTN and a master’s degree in management and technologies from Stanford University.


Omar Arab, Vice President

EVP Corporate Business at VeriTran

300 Park Ave, Floor 12, New York, NY 10022



Twitter: @oarab


Download the 2020 Top 100 People in Finance Magazine and see Omar's feature on page 86.

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